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Summer Beach Group 2016

IMAGINE MONDAY MORNINGS for reading, writing, and meaningful conversing with women like yourself who are changing and growing, in all kinds of ways …

SUMMER is a perfect time … and the setting is heavenly!

The inspiration came over coffee one morning at a favorite beach-side coffee shop…four years ago…  And every year since, women have gathered by the water; and deeper words and wisdom have been shared.  It’s a beautiful thing.

2016 will be our 5th Annual Summer Beach Group Series.  This summer, we’ll be revisiting Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Specifics can be found here.

If this beckons, join me this summer, at the beach (or by phone) Mondays for some Big Magic personal conversing and connecting.  Here’s a print-and-share card to invite a friend.

It’s a good time to check your calendar and save the dates.  – Anne

6-week ‘Big Magic’ Series

big magicIt’s only right to start a new year with a new book, and one that inspires the heart and soul of writers and creatives like us!  So, my beautiful goddess friends, starting Tuesday evening, January 12, we’ll be talking about Big Magic in our weekly goddess calls.

I was gifted with a copy over the holidays and am so enjoying it…

Alongside Big Magic, I read and finished Julia Cameron’s Walking In THIS World, also.  Between the two of them, there is rich, wonderful material to feed an artist’s or writer’s or musician’s–or any other creative’s–spirit and work.  It takes courage to say yes to a gift, a calling and do what we do…which is the first section we’ll talking about in Big Magic.

These community calls connect us to each other; the books fuel our spirits and minds.  There is something so good about sharing this weekly time together, in real-time conversations.  The book is a backdrop, a starting place; the rest falls into place.  It is magical sometimes…

Calls start at 8:10 pm. (Central).   Hope you can make it!

Looking forward to Tuesday night’s call.  Big Magic is in the air.

PS  Tuesday night goddess calls are included in your Everyday Goddess Community membership.


Life Soul Art and Business

Life soul art bizHello goddesses,

You’ve heard me speak of Goddess Leoni and her Amazing Life and Biz planners, courses, and beautiful spirit before.  Her art may be fun and whimsical and colorful–one of those reasons I love her stuff!–And she’s also an inspiring generous spirit, with a loving heart and wonderfully savvy business brain.

I love her stuff and love that I have access to all of it anytime I need it….and she’s created and added even more in the years since I first joined her goddess circle community.

There are good, beautiful, creative goddesses in her community.  I feel like a satellite in her solar system, a kindred spirit, a soul sister.  If any of you are at all interested in also tapping in to her programs, inspiration, how-to’s, resources, connecting to other creative spirits, et cetera, this month would be a good time to get in… She’s offering a September Sale–membership in monthly installments, instead of annual memberships–which is still an option.  (She has never offered a monthly option before…so this is a very sweet special.)

Leoni has inspired and helped literally thousands of women,and in a way that I admire and feel good about sharing.  It’s worth a look for yourself.  Not everyone likes to mix fun and art and spirit and business together…and play and personality too.  I’m one that does, and who loves to connect and work with creative types who do also.  And she offers a lot…Sept specialThat’s all for now, except to note in full disclosure that Leoni’s Shining Life & Biz Academy link I’m using here is my personal affiliate link to her site.  Affiliate links are one of Leoni’s ways of generously giving back and supporting her Life & Biz Academy members, who love her stuff and share with others like themselves.  Both Leoni and I are truly about helping women of spirit and art and creativity grow their greatness and make a living and a life doing what they love, being who they are.

Blessings to all of us as we grow and create and shine more of who we really are.  – Anne

Shining Biz Academy

Make it fun and Make it count

Life … this one.  Make it Fun and Make it Count…!  It’s good for our health, our heart and soul; and certainly for our energy, enthusiasm, and happiness!

So what’s stopping you from going for it?   What’s stopping us?Goddesses never age

Sure, somebody’s going to poo-poo that idea.  Many have a habit of complaining.  For some reason, they are also not celebrating or encouraging someone–a colleague, family member, friend, neighbor–who is smiling, full of energy and dreams, happy; Living life like they’re playing at creating it…and believing that anything is possible.

Comments like, ‘Get real.’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’ or other blockers come out of poo-pooing mouths.  And then there’s our marketing and media people who surround us with fears and scary things …  They think it sells more; I think it’s leading more of us to tune out (use our mute buttons and off switches) and tap in elsewhere that resonates better energy.

Our response?  Your response?  Mine?

Choose which life you want to live.…align your intentions, expectations, and beliefs with that life and those dreams!   And your actions.  Find supporting others who feed your spirit…and you, theirs:

Partner with a life coach.  And join me and other greatness-growing goddesses for Goddess Never Age, a personal renaissance series for women aligned with intentions of Making this life fun and Making a difference, and living well.  Goddesses Never Age starts September 22.  It’s a total wellness — spirit, mind, body, purpose — adventure into our self, our bodies, and into our be-ing-ness as women.

As a BONUS, I’m including a ‘Making Life Count’ workshop ($75 value) with it FREE…  Register / details here or call me.  (Best Value:  Community member goddesses get all of this included with their membership. $11 / $33 / $99, or $108)

We find what we’re looking for.   We get what we expect...and often beyond our wildest dreams.  Ask and it is given.  (great teachers across time and cultures, and lots of life experiences and stories…)

Choose which life you want to live!  Let’s choose joyously …. together…  – Anne 🙂

hammock view

9 Dots and powerful medicine

9 dotsGood morning, goddesses,

This mind teaser has been around for a long time… like many of us:  Connect all nine dots — using only 3 lines; or using only 4 lines.

It’s EASY–or impossible–depending on whether you’re confined to ‘staying within a box’ or allowing possibilities ‘outside that box.’

It’s a Life metaphor, too.  Spiritual growth, creativity, personal awareness, path finding, soul work, lead us places we never expected–many of them outside boxes we grew up in…

Keep on reading something that makes you feel good every day… follow your heart, trust where Life is leading you…  Our souls are becoming stronger…pulling us forward.

Pleasure is powerful medicine indeed.  We know this to be true because our bodies are actually wired to repair and renew themselves optimally when we are happy.  To be ageless is to know the incredible power of pleasure to better our lives and the lives of people around us.  As the saying goes, “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”  And when women choose pleasure, pleasure becomes abundant for everyone.  – Christiane Northrup, M.D., Goddesses Never Age

Here’s to playing and pleasure, to exploring beyond boxes, to trusting Life; living art and soul knowing we are trusted and guided and amazing beings of light.  – Anne

Soul coach / Spiritual director / Personal greatness Partner muse

No Complaining


Complaining about anything holds you in the place of refusing to receive the things you’ve been asking for. Justifying about anything holds you in the place of refusing to let in the very things that you’ve been asking for. Blaming someone holds you in the place of refusing to let in the things that you’ve been asking for. Feeling guilty, feeling angry, it doesn’t matter what you call it; it is a refusal, not a conscious one. You’re asking; you can’t help but ask. The Universe is yielding; it must yield. It’s a big question, folks: why aren’t you letting it in?



A thought to try on today… or this week…  I know habits generally serve us well; others, maybe not anymore, though.

If we believe that attention to something changes its outcome–like someone cheering you on from the sidelines–then what we say and talk about,has an impact. … and leads us further in the direction of our words and thoughts.  Incredible possibilities…

I’m still reading Goddesses Never Age by Christiane Northrup, M.D., and I’m delighted as she applies these more recent understandings of science and medicine and spirituality to our ever-evolving lifetimes!

Have a beautiful week!  Read something that inspires you and talk about it!  (Goddesses Never Age or The No Complaining Rule or playing Grow a Greater You are suggested.)

Blessings, love, and beautiful surprises!  – Anne

Goddesses Never Age

Hello beautiful ones,

Our renaissance reading group calls return in September with Goddesses Never Age as our inspiring resource.  Here are some excerpts:Goddesses Never Age

The soul is ageless, and it’s an expression of the divine, feminine creative force of the universe.  The sacred feminine has traditionally been associated with darkness, the body, mystery, fertility, receiving, and the primordial soup–the womb in which all life begins and is nurtured.  Every woman is an ageless goddess, an expression of the sacred feminine in physical form.  Unfortunately, we often forget this in the onslaught of ageist cultural messages.  We need to be more aware about our culture’s negative messages about growing older and make a conscious effort to reject them. …

Our souls design many potent wake-up calls to get our attention back on track….

How much easier it is when we can become conscious about the desire to give birth to something new and remember that there are many ways to do that without actually becoming a mother….  Your creative juices are flowing!  Life force is coming through you.  The new life you give birth to must include your own….

What you are changing into is the powerful, luscious, fertile, ageless goddess you are meant to be–an expression of the divine, feminine life force unencumbered by cultural expectations that keep you small, overly cautious, and afraid to upset anybody.  You are in the process of discovering your ageless goddess self, and she has many ways to express her creativity and experience the pleasures in life, from feeling good in her body and rediscovering her sexuality to beginning a new relationship, project, or way of living….

In fact, Goddesses Never Age is set up to help you move out of the old paradigm and into the new.  It’s about pointing out everything that can go right with your body and how to embody balance and health regardless of your state of health and well-being now…

because the number-one thing you can do for your health is to live joyously…

So here you are, at a crossroads, where you have to make a decision about what your life will be like in the years to come.  The fact that you are reading this right now is absolute proof that the divine goddess within you would like you to let her take the lead now.  I say this with great assurance because I’ve lived long enough to know that there are no coincidences that are simply random.  If you weren’t seriously thinking about changing your approach to live, you wouldn’t be here with me right now…  (Christiane Northrup, M.D., Goddesses Never Age)

Hope this beckons and resonates and that you’ll join me on our calls next month.  These are one of your  wonderful grow-your-greatness perks of membership.

These are incredible shifting and growing times for us!  Embrace and enjoy the adventure with me! – Anne

Summer spirit reading

Beach bannerBeaches, Books, Walks and Long Talks…

Read something that inspires you…

Summer has an openness about it… Allow that openness … follow your heart’s desire, your instincts, your spirit of curiosity and dreams.  Play… Imagine … Travel…

Make it an easy, fun, soul-satisfying summer…

Read something that makes you feel good every day.  It doesn’t need to be a lot … or it can be….  bring a notebook; collect words to remember… gathering thoughts…

Summer spiritual is self-discovery and personal path-finding; immersed in a natural paradise. … beauty, water, trees, light, free-spirited being…  out of doors, in the open, gentle breezes…

How do you want to feed your soul? your spirit?  your life?

What is your spirit exploring this summer?  Needing?      Here are places to start:

There are many more, of course…  Follow what draws you… intuition is a wonderful thing.

Blessings and beaches and much love,


3 self-commitments


Lake Michigan waves





Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

Didn’t plan it that way.  Holy Saturday wasn’t on my radar; somehow thought Easter was the following weekend.  I should have known, though.  The very reason Easter jumps around so much is because it’s always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring–and this year, that happens Saturday, April 4.

When Christianity ‘re-purposed’ nature-based spiritual practices of cultures they ‘took over,’ Easter (Eastre) held its place on Nature’s calendar.

The origins of Easter are rooted in European traditions. The name Easter comes from a pagan figure called Eastre (or Eostre) who was celebrated as the goddess of spring by the Saxons of Northern Europe. A festival called Eastre was held during the spring equinox by these people to honor her. (

Spring is certainly cause for celebration after grey barrenness of winter.  Green sprouts coming out of what looked ‘dead’ … a powerful reminder of our growing ability…and natural process of it’s happening…even when things appear otherwise…

My roots are both Catholic and Nature; I grew up on a farm and went to church every Sunday.  And then I followed my heart into church work…religious studies, youth ministry, and teaching in parish work.

And then it didn’t work for me anymore….Nature celebrated and spoke of women in a way church didn’t… and in the end, it hurt more to stay than it did to leave.  What I heard in church supported cruelty to women.  I heard it; they were oblivious–or it was intentional–and either way, my spirit had to find a place where it was celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness.  I was growing–Nature’s way…like new sprouts of Spring after a dormant Winter.

Holy Week is heavy.  And churches teach that it’s all our fault! … and go back to the garden, and Eve!  Is it any wonder women have guilt issues?

The same stories are repeated–graphically–each year.  A symbol of cruelty and torture Is held up as representing a way of life to be emulated.  Is it any wonder that violence continues in our societies?  And most at the hands of religious activists.

My Holy Saturday Women’s Writing and Grow-Your-Greatness Retreat

Is your spirit growing?  In need of a place where it is celebrated and inspired to grow its greatness?  Maybe Saturday is exactly what you’re looking for.  You will have a safe and sacred space, to re-story and write and speak of our growing, in a circle of spirit-freeing women.   More / Register  butterfly3

And where did I end up?  Intentionally independent and continuing to grow…  Life is a sacred dance my soul said Yes to living ….directly connected, knowing, open, being present and available, of service to women of spirit wounded by or losing their religion and needing her-stories / community / places that celebrate their feminine spirit... stones w goddess

And my chosen symbols of spirit and faith: hearts and butterflies… (and white seagulls show up a lot too; and doves are in there too… okay, Nature and all her Majesty and beauty. … Wonder and Awe – Spirit …)

Holy Saturday writing and re-storying?  Are you wanting to do some of your own?  Join me.  (ample free parking, easy-to-find, beautiful energy, freedom to find and tell your own re-story)

Blessings…and love who you are growing into…  ??????? retreat and re-story…and relax.  – Anne

Learning experiences and deeper wisdom

Hello goddesses!

I’m concluding some experiences — or maybe all of them — are given for the sole purpose of learning from them.  Yesterday’s Purpose Talk interview was a classic example.  It was a golden opportunity–and didn’t turn out to be so great…  Part was technology not cooperating… There are things we cannot control.

And, there were things I could (and should) have done differently.  Instead of a shining moment, it feels like a humbling one.

Lessons learned.

If someone gives you a chance to make your own introduction, take them up on it.

My first mistake was not doing that and allowing the host to pick and choose from the bio info she’d gathered on me.  I’d provided a brief intro / bio–as instructed.  She had gathered more, though, being the good journalist she is. I would have chosen different elements of my back story to share.  Listening, it felt way too long. And our (my) attention span for listening without supporting visuals is not that long… or was that just me being overly sensitive?

In my ‘Do-over,’ I will have a bullet-pointed ‘cheat-sheet’ of back-story snippets, share a few pieces, and move on to the rest of the interview.  Other stories may come up along the way, in the process…

My second lesson: Playing to my strengths means having an interactive dialog… and I really prefer face-to-face or skype and having visuals. And monologues require visuals!

When the line went silent–technical difficulties beyond my control–it might have been better to end the interview / show–and schedule a do-over.  Trying to do an unexpected monologue — with no visuals –definitely not where I shine.  Contrast does indeed bring one more clarity…

The third lesson learned and what I would do differently, is to have a wrap-up / closing / call to action prepared.  Summary of who I am, what i was sharing today, where they can get a copy / learn more / contact me.  Another bullet-pointed card / sheet prepared ahead of time….

Gratitudes and Graces.

In case any of you thought I had it all totally together, you now know I’m here learning right along with you.  I am grateful for a sense of humor–to see the exquisite humor and irony of how lessons come my way  I’m grateful to Cindy Freeman and Purpose Talk Radio for inviting me to share a resource that empowers the spirit of women.  It wasn’t supposed to be about me talking and saying a lot of words; it was to lead listeners to A Deeper Wisdom, Patricia Lynn Reilly’s feminine-spirit-supporting Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective:

The Twelve Steps from a Religious Science Perspective
Step 1: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I was not aware of the resources available
to transform them. I have reached out for support. This is a brave action on my own behalf. I
celebrate my courage.
Step 2: I have come to believe that my deepest impulse is toward health and wholeness. I am
restored to a loving and trusting relationship with myself. My vision of life flows from health
and wholeness.
Step 3: I choose to relinquish my negative habits of behavior and to replace them with lifeaffirming
ones. I cultivate my relationship with Deeper Wisdom, the part of me unharmed and
unhindered by the wounds of my experience.
Step 4: Turning a merciful eye toward myself, I inventory both my life-affirming and ineffective
Step 5: In the company of my circle of support and wisdom, I celebrate my life-affirming
behaviors and accept responsibility for my ineffective behaviors.
Step 6: I am entirely ready to have my injuries healed and my ineffective behaviors transformed.
Step 7: My recovery journey is orchestrated by Deeper Wisdom. In the fullness of time, healing
and transformation occur. I actively participate in this process.
Step 8: Certain that I love myself, I welcome clarity and honesty in my relationships. I
acknowledge those who were “splattered” by my ineffective behaviors. I celebrate those who
were blessed by my life-affirming behaviors.
Step 9: Having forgiven myself, I bless myself and others by making amends wherever possible
except when to do so would injure them or others.
Step 10: I turn a merciful eye toward myself and my relationships daily. I acknowledge with
gratitude the gifts and challenges of the day. I celebrate my life-affirming behaviors and take
responsibility for my ineffective behaviors.
Step 11: Through prayer and meditation I place myself in the middle of the stream of Wisdom
flowing through my life. I listen to its urgings and live in harmony with its impulses toward
health and wholeness.
Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, I carry this message to
others and practice these principles in all my affairs.
(c) 1999 Patricia Lynn Reilly , A Deeper Wisdom,

Blessings, and grow your greatness.  Our soul didn’t come here to hide…..   A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective

And all these learning experiences?  Exactly what each of us needs at a given time.  – Anne