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2016 was a ‘9’ (Endings) year

2017 is a '1' (New Beginnings) year. Celebrity passings and personal endings--we can all name a few.  In 2017, the energy shifts to one of New Chapters and fresh starts.  I'm welcoming that energy of positive expectation. I suggest Planning Tools that support this incoming energy of positive expectation, ones that uplift our spirits, and… Continue reading 2016 was a ‘9’ (Endings) year

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Life Soul Art and Business

Hello goddesses, You've heard me speak of Goddess Leoni and her Amazing Life and Biz planners, courses, and beautiful spirit before.  Her art may be fun and whimsical and colorful--one of those reasons I love her stuff!--And she's also an inspiring generous spirit, with a loving heart and wonderfully savvy business brain. I love her… Continue reading Life Soul Art and Business

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2015 Creative goddess Workbooks

Hello goddesses! I'm a raving fan and ambassador of these beautiful colorful yearly workbooks! They are so much more fun, artsy, feminine-spirited, color-full than traditional planner workbooks...which I especially love.  Imagine being inspired by the artwork as you're envisioning ahead! And, I will happily host a 'Creative goddess workbook party day' here for us to… Continue reading 2015 Creative goddess Workbooks

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Goddess re-emergence

Hello beautiful Goddesses! Today's post was written and published in 1993, twenty years ago, when I was in the midst of my personal goddess-spirit awakening.  I came across it while gathering materials for a sister-goddess naming celebration ceremony.  It could have been written now, for today's emerging everyday-goddess women of spirit. The re-emergence of the… Continue reading Goddess re-emergence