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2016 was a ‘9’ (Endings) year

2017 is a ‘1’ (New Beginnings) year.

Celebrity passings and personal endings–we can all name a few.  In 2017, the energy shifts to one of New Chapters and fresh starts.  I’m welcoming that energy of positive expectation.

I suggest Planning Tools that support this incoming energy of positive expectation, ones that uplift our spirits, and help us feel our way into our heart’s desires, dreams, wish lists, and bucket lists.  Leonie Dawson has two of them–one for ‘life’ and one for ‘biz’–available in digital and hard copy formats.

In a week or so (Saturday, January 7), I’ll be leading a ‘Goals Gotta Go’ workshop at  Happy Me! 2017 in Delafield.  There I’ll feature some Planning Tools that are especially helpful for those who know Goals just don’t work for them…  (which is many of us here)


There are other tools too.  Find one that fits and fuels your spirit and life.  I can help with that, if you want.

Other resources on my radar:  Abraham-Hicks messages and meditations as soothing and reassuring mind medicine;  Christiane Northrup, M.D.’s new book, Making Life Easy: A Simple Guide to a Divinely Inspired Life;  And a creative sister, collaborator, muse or group who gets me to do this with together.  I want to be such a being like that for you.  A witness to our life–and sharing our thoughts ‘out loud’–inspires and empowers our living our heart’s desires.

And finally, I’ll share this inspiration from Goddess Leonie about a ‘festival of letting go’ of 2016 and making a miraculous 2017:

Hola gorgeous soul!

As this year is SO VERY NEARLY OVER… I want to wish you the most heartfelt, soulful best for 2017.

I know that this year has been a hard one for so many people.

I wish I had something wise + comforting to say right now, but all I can say is:

2016 sucked GIANT PANDA BALLS!!!

For me it’s been a year of punches that haven’t let up, over + over + over again.

And I’ve stood up again + again + again…

I’ve been broken open by it. And just plain broken by it.

I’ve been exhausted by it. And have been frustrated by it.

And now I get to let it go.

All of it.

The hard. The ugly. The brutal.

The heartbreaking.

And the good that was in there, hiding its light in the darkness. I get to let that go too.

Join me in a festival of letting go.

Let’s go free into this new year that’s coming.

We’re stronger for having experienced this year, even if the experience was unwelcome.

We know what we will + won’t accept.

We are clearer. Wiser. Better equipped.

We know our resilience now.

We know our coping skills.

So, dearest soul, hand-on-heart I wish for you a 2017 that is light + ease-filled.

A year that lets you breathe.

That contains healing for your soul + nurturing for your mind + body.

Let’s make 2017 miraculous.

(Leonie Dawson, creative goddess-author of 2017 Amazing Life & Biz Planners )

Blessings, beautiful ones.  I look forward to our co-creating together in 2017.  We are all growing, becoming more aligned with our soul.

– Anne


The Wise Woman

… you know her…The Wise WomanDivinity and Creativity, embracing our essence …

In her concluding words of Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert leaves us with thoughtful words about this work we do:

Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred.

What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all.

We toil alone, and we are accompanied by spirits.

We are terrified, and we are brave.  Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege.

Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.

Make space for all these paradoxes to be equally true inside your soul, and I promise–you can make anything.

So please calm down now and get back to work, okay?

The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.

(Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic)

Our lives are sacred work… and all those paradoxes that go with it… We are blessed and blessing, human and divine, art and soul…wise women.  Look in a mirror, deep in those eyes…and smile.  – Anne

Life Soul Art and Business

Life soul art bizHello goddesses,

You’ve heard me speak of Goddess Leoni and her Amazing Life and Biz planners, courses, and beautiful spirit before.  Her art may be fun and whimsical and colorful–one of those reasons I love her stuff!–And she’s also an inspiring generous spirit, with a loving heart and wonderfully savvy business brain.

I love her stuff and love that I have access to all of it anytime I need it….and she’s created and added even more in the years since I first joined her goddess circle community.

There are good, beautiful, creative goddesses in her community.  I feel like a satellite in her solar system, a kindred spirit, a soul sister.  If any of you are at all interested in also tapping in to her programs, inspiration, how-to’s, resources, connecting to other creative spirits, et cetera, this month would be a good time to get in… She’s offering a September Sale–membership in monthly installments, instead of annual memberships–which is still an option.  (She has never offered a monthly option before…so this is a very sweet special.)

Leoni has inspired and helped literally thousands of women,and in a way that I admire and feel good about sharing.  It’s worth a look for yourself.  Not everyone likes to mix fun and art and spirit and business together…and play and personality too.  I’m one that does, and who loves to connect and work with creative types who do also.  And she offers a lot…Sept specialThat’s all for now, except to note in full disclosure that Leoni’s Shining Life & Biz Academy link I’m using here is my personal affiliate link to her site.  Affiliate links are one of Leoni’s ways of generously giving back and supporting her Life & Biz Academy members, who love her stuff and share with others like themselves.  Both Leoni and I are truly about helping women of spirit and art and creativity grow their greatness and make a living and a life doing what they love, being who they are.

Blessings to all of us as we grow and create and shine more of who we really are.  – Anne

Shining Biz Academy

Puzzle Pieces

Life is a game.  And you have all the pieces you need to play right now.

Puzzle table smI start with a frame … in puzzles and in life.

And I believe we do have all the pieces we need to PLAY right now.  (I emphasize PLAY because that energy is Creative-Spirited and Fun,  Attracting energy.  It’s Light and Open… to Inspired Delights!)

This one is in the Kindred Spirit Center today … opened last night when a colleague and her daughter were waiting for a young man to finish a guitar lesson.

Seeing it today, I was compelled to find the remaining border pieces.  It was so close to being done…only I could find no more flat-edge pieces…

You have all the pieces you need to play right now…

Really?  Really…

So I took a closer look.

What if some pieces … already placed … were not in their correct places?  Interesting thought.

Sure enough.  Two pieces that, while close, were not exact fits.  Each seemed to work at the time.  Only the art — and fit — were slightly off.

Once exchanged, and correct pieces moved to right places, my frame fit together perfectly…

There’s a metaphor here for Life … and Relationships.

Some pieces seem to fit–maybe not exactly, but good enough …we think.  How many have discovered that good enough really wasn‘t after while?  And then we find what is….

I marvel how Life is so amazingly precise.  We receive all the pieces–of information, resources, angels, inspiration–in perfect timing–to play out our life story and roles. …

There is a rainbow river flowing.  Trust it, play in it.  We don’t have to create the river, or the rainbow.

Don’t push the river; it flows on its own.

What if we play with a lighter and freer sense of allowing, knowing that our particular puzzle of life has all the precise pieces we need to play … and grow our greatness in … right now?   It’s a process…and there are clues.

The Life Skills of our time are more expansive and spiritual and playful than our standard Doing and Logical mindsets.  Clearly, we are beings of spirit and light, and Life works with a precision and perfection that’s amazing!  Rainbow river

In honor of birthday month; I’m celebrating with a gift.

Purchase a Life Skill kit.  It’s an easy place to start.  A few common themes coming across more lately:

  • Relationships
  • Job Transition / Loss / Needing a Change  (re-storying You in the aftermath)
  • Money … inner game, spirit and soul, being-instead-of-doing, and allowing-and-receiving elements, of abundance flow
  • Spirituality  . searching . needing simple and feminine-sensitive-spirit-centered . inner-peace-finding, bridges, personal path-taking
  • Confidence and Personal Power – healthy boundaries, self-worth, self-talk
  • Environments of support and how to create them
  • More  …

20 couponHere’s to puzzle pieces and knowing we have all the pieces we need to play right now.  … they’re coming together…! 🙂

Be gentle with yourselves in the process.  Lots of love.  – Anne

2015 Creative goddess Workbooks

Hello goddesses!

I’m a raving fan and ambassador of these beautiful colorful yearly workbooks!

They are so much more fun, artsy, feminine-spirited, color-full than traditional planner workbooks…which I especially love.  Imagine being inspired by the artwork as you’re envisioning ahead!

And, I will happily host a ‘Creative goddess workbook party day‘ here for us to do them together–or at least be in close proximity together!  All you have to do is ask…  Love, love, love! Good stuff.

Now shine and sparkle and PLAY!

Happy Thanksgiving too.  Enjoy.  – Anne 🙂

Her name is Wisdom

She is intuitive, mystical, knowing…sophia.dll_1

Wisdom is a woman, a crone, a goddess, and a feminine archetype.  In Greek mythology, she is a barely personified Metis, swallowed by Zeus.  In the Bible, she is a hidden Sophia, the goddess who became an abstract and ungendered concept.  Wisdom may be found at twilight where the three roads meet as Hecate, or in the hearth fire as Hestia.  She may be the invisible Shekinah who enters the Jewish home for the meal that begins the Sabbath.  She was once the Celtic goddess Cerridwen.  She is Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, and Erda in Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung.  In the world’s mythologies and in the collective unconscious, which are mirrors of each other, wisdom is feminine.  Wisdom is usually an attribute of a goddess who is often not seen or personified, and an attribute of a woman in whom wisdom has become a conscious part of her psyche.

The archetype of the wisewomen … is a generic description for the inner development of soul qualities most associated with the third phase of women’s lives.  – Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses in Older Women

Women gathered again this morning, wisewomen and goddesses, women who desire to grow, to explore this inner soul qualities as women, to engage in fascinating dialogs…wherever they take them.  One can still be part of this summer’s beach group–Monday mornings here, and Thursday evenings.

This is rich material for women of depth.  Welcome.


Goddess re-emergence

Hello beautiful Goddesses!

Today’s post was written and published in 1993, twenty years ago, when I was in the midst of my personal goddess-spirit awakening.  I came across it while gathering materials for a sister-goddess naming celebration ceremony.  It could have been written now, for today’s emerging everyday-goddess women of spirit.

The re-emergence of the Goddess.  The Goddess movement.  Women’s spirituality. … Connection with the divine feminine within, celebrating, as we say, the Goddess in every woman.  In less than twenty years, we have gone from a few esoteric books on Wicca and archeological or mythological treatises on goddesses (small “g”) to perhaps hundreds of books on every aspect of women’s spiritual quest. …

Much has been written about the phenomenon of women’s spirituality, why the Great Goddess is returning now.  …

And just what is this belief system we call the Goddess?  For me, one of the most important elements of Goddess spirituality and Neo-paganism was the lack of dogma.  The Goddess has 10,000 names (at last count!) and as many aspects as there are women to embody her.  As Joseph Campbell says, “Revelations of the Great Goddess, Mother of the universe and of us all, teach compassion for all living beings.” My dream for the Goddess movement–and what I tried to foster in the pages of Sage Woman–is a forum for the differing beliefs of all women who have opened their hearts to the Great Goddess.  Through an open and compassionate sharing of spiritual experience, we can come to see that the heart of our sister is not that different from our own heart.   And as Campbell continues, “There you come to appreciate the real sanctity of the Earth itself, because it is the body of the Goddess.  … the Goddess is within as well as without.  Your body is Her body…”

… the symbolism of the Triple Goddess: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.  The Maiden aspect of the Goddess is represented by Empowerment, as we begin to realize just how the Goddess manifests in each of us.  Trying our wings, we seek tools, techniques and experiences that will help us tap in the source of Goddess-power the Maiden gives.  The Mother aspect of the Goddess is here represented by Community, gathering together to share Her love.  Working with others, moving out into the real world to work our magic.  The Crone brings Deepening, as we study the Goddess in her infinite forms, learn to draw out Her wisdom from deep inside.  From empowerment to community to deepening, the circle is never broken.

The ways of women are steeped in mystery, but one thing is very clear. … We connect with each other.  We are aware of the web of energy that ties all life together, weaving a pattern of interdependence and mutual respect that is the true vision of Women’s Spirituality. …   – Lunaea WeatherstoneThe Sage Woman Cauldron: A Collection from our First Five Years

Sophia by artist Pamela Matthews

Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom by artist Pamela Matthews

WonderSpirit, Celebrating the feminine Spirit...  Seeing and living life and business (our creative and soul work) and ourselves and our world from a place of wonder and awe and infused with divine feminine sacredness….  All things WonderSpirit are inclusive, womanspirit affirming; from the voices of women — music, art, words, inspiration, books, circles, surroundings, spirit work, wisdom, writing.  Kindred spirits gather here … for spirit-feeding (freeing), soul deepening, community, and tools to tap and affirm our wholeness, and sacredness of our BEing.  Tap In…

I AM a Woman created in the Image and likeness of God the Goddess, Mother of All Living, the Spirit and Breath of Life;

I AM an Adult Daughter, Trusted and Empowered to  make choices and Make a Difference …  – Anne Wondra

Who do you think YOU are?  I’ll share…

Because once we answer that deep question from a place in our divine sacred feminine spirit core, we have tapped into something inspiringly powerful and profound!

Blessings and shine bright!   – Anne

Beauty is how you feel inside … another inside job

Hello beautiful goddesses,

Beauty isEvery goddess has stories that shaped her life.  Without these, she would not be all she is now.  For me, it was The Ugly Duckling story.  Kids can be cruel, even in  parochial school.

A long time ago, I was that kid who got picked on, who don’t fit in, got treated as an outcast, was shunned for whatever reason.   I grew up feeling I was ugly, different; and didn’t have many friends in grade school.  Seventh grade took me to junior high, a bigger school, and a fresh start, and girls who became friends who didn’t know my past.  I liked this new place and people; teachers and what I was learning too.

Early wounds cut deep, though; the influences of feeling different, ugly, lingered underneath.  There were lights, glimmers of hope in those early years, though, that helped me to believe that maybe I wasn’t as bad as I’d been told.  One of my second-grade classmates, for example, smiled at me, didn’t pick on me, and was nice to me.  You have no idea how much light and hope even one person can shine in the heart of a kid like I was.  I do.  He was a life line.  We went to different schools after that.  Our lives went on.  I knew one day I would thank him for the difference his kindness made to a second-grade little girl–and throughout her life after.

It took thirty-some years and an internet search to finally carry it out.  He was a soul connection, holding pieces of my past from a perspective I didn’t have; pieces I wanted to put to rest.  We talked for a long time about our lives then and now.  He had no idea he’d been an earth angel of light all those years; I learned we were both just kids going through our own things and doing our best to get through each day.  Life gave us each lessons in Her school.  We’ve stayed in touch, Larry and his wife, Mike and I.  He still holds a special place in my heart.  And when I’m reading email and laughing out loud, big belly laughs, I hear Michael in the other room call in, “Did you get an email from Larry again?”   Oh yes.  Another wonderful man who can make me laugh big belly laughs.  So good!  And, of course, I share and we both laugh and laugh some more.

Lessons Learned:

One person does make a difference.  The light of even one person who  sees our light….  And know that if one person saw it, others will too.  Believe it.

Remind yourself that a swan in a duck pond will feel like a misfit.  Remind yourself that there ARE swans, and when you find them, you will be with your people, other beautiful swans like you are.

Extend compassion and kindness to others who are different…especially when it’s something they can do little or nothing about–looks, abilities, family circumstances, whatever.  A smile, a conversation, kindness, acceptance; understanding; be a light and see their beauty, like someone else did mine.

In this Life School are many influences that continually shape how we feel about our self inside, who we are becoming and growing into,… individuals friends colleagues associates…family… we connect to regularly;

Swan goddess

Artist: Amanda Clark ( Earth Angels Art)

books we are reading, music we listen to, YouTube videos we watch; movies, media, spaces and places we frequent.  These are external influences that affect us internally too.  Selectively choose where you can.  Others–like being a misfit kid shunned in grade school, or one who lost her mother at an early age, or whatever it was that marked your heart–consider that maybe these are elements divinely orchestrated, chosen perhaps–for lessons and reasons, soul work and sacred contracts still unfolding and equally necessary to all we are yet to become.

Believe in your inner and outer beauty.  We are brilliant lights, and it shines through our eyes and glows around us.  Tap in.  Find your swan sisters and kindred spirits.  It helps.  And enjoy the adventure of being and becoming more of your naturally beautiful, incredible self.

Blessings and light!  – Anne

Personal Renaissance Circles coming soon.

Artist: Amanda Clark ( Earth Angels Art)

Monday class change

Hello Goddesses,

Due to Monday’s frigid forecast here in Wisconsin, MONDAY’S Bridges CLASS, JANUARY 6, will be held via LIVE TELEPHONE CONFERENCE instead.  (Call-in details included in materials received at Registration, or call me.)

Stay warm.  – Anne

PS.  Monday night’s session is especially powerful for woman’s spiritual renaissance and renewal. To discover, include, add a Sacred Feminine, divine imagery in our awareness, and uncover Her primordial presence and Wisdom, our spiritual perspective is expanded and opened, empowered and deepened…. a journey for me that began on another January 6–feast of the Epiphany–and it was… In the Beginning

Opportunity has opened, and I’m going with its flow fluid fecundity–all of those feminine words. Register here today if you’d like to be part of this inspired, nature-prompted gathering… or schedule another time with me privately.

Blessings JOY and Sparkling light – Anne

Incredible Life 2014

200x2003  It’s here!–okay, not physically here with me…  Goddess Leoni’s Life and Biz Full-Color FUN 2014 Workbook and Planner can be downloaded or purchased through Amazon.  You have to check it out!  These are awesome tools to inspire and guide you to playfully create an Amazing 2014!

This woman is a creative inspiration muse for me…in all kinds of ways.  Her art is colorful and whimsical and playful–and still has very worthwhile and good.  I used last year’s and love it!  (I’ll also admit to not filling it out completely…there is SO MUCH in it!)

Since many of you are also Biz goddesses, check out Goddess Leoni’s Amazing Biz + Life Academy too.  I’m a fan of that too–and discovered I would love to work with Goddesses who are also using these materials and creative inspiration.

You know I’m a connector…people, materials, technology, inspiration, artsy kinds of stuff…just because that’s what I do.  More.

Much love, and keep PLAYING!  – Everyday goddess Anne

PS  Did you know, the opposite of PLAY is not work; it is depression.  And there is a National Institute for Play.  So keep playing and creating.