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Writing group prompt: What is success–for you? As a writer, a woman, a human being today. My thoughts:

Success is linked closely with happiness. It’s a feeling.

Feelings are connected to thoughts; thoughts and self-talk can adjust our feelings. So, what I tell myself matters to my success.

I also write as one life-seasoned, in her mid-sixties.

Has my life been successful?

One could look at accomplishments.


I’ve held jobs and stayed awhile in the them, usually a clerical role and administrative work. I was never a department head or VP–and didn’t really want to be. My roles allowed me certain freedoms, flexibility, with just enough authority and autonomy to bring each role a sense of my own brand of being present to and with people in those places. (I was aware of Tom Peters’ BRAND YOU book.) I could be a light, bring a smile, be an internal coach and consultant, be me. I was happy most of the time. I had good people around and felt capable in my work, roles.


I’m college-educated. Graduated high school; hold degrees in secretarial science, religious studies, education; and multiple certifications: professional legal secretary (PLS) was first, followed by a youth ministry certification add-on to that religious studies degree. And then, a masters certification in human resource management (CHRM).

Life took me to a corporate world where I learned of Franklin covey; had a front-row seat to an international business leader and company; and was inspired to sketch out an entrepreneurial endeavor. They also had tuition reimbursement–MBAs were encouraged. Eventually, I jumped in; I ran out of reasons not to! I had to be ready to do the work. In the end, it was not completed. Business layoffs took me to part-time and not eligible for tuition reimbursement. I did leave with a completed masters certification in human resource management–those people things, skills, dynamics, I was always interested in, anyway.

The Universe does things for me, not to me.


In corporate, I also completed training and certificates in coaching, wellness coaching, peer mediation, and multiple professional development seminars.


I’m happy; I feel good–great, even–full of energy and ideas. I have been provided with what I need to feel supported, loved, productive, creatively engaged, blessed. I appreciate so much and give thanks–and share where I’m drawn, inspired.


In these descriptions and measures, I am successful. I am at peace with myself and my life. And I’m still here, so I know there’s still more life in process; and work and roles continue.

As for success, I focus on feelings and highlight what has felt successful already. There are many worldly measures that are not on my list–and even if they were, I would do my best to write about those in a way that was kind to myself. I would use a lens of love, allowing myself to feel loved and worthwhile, no matter what. I would write about those in a way that allowed me to feel content, yet optimistic. Perspectives like: I’m being taken care of. Everything always works out, falls into place. I know I’m not doing this alone. (And taking note of examples everywhere and every day.)

Appreciating. That’s wonder and awe, grace and gratitude, and this moment, delightful knowing.

3 Rules, 3 Self-commitments

Success is linked closely with happiness. It’s a feeling.

Feelings are connected to thoughts; thoughts and self-talk can adjust our feelings. So, what I tell myself matters to my success.

We all want to be and feel successful. Start with these simple rules and self-commitments. They apply to a lot things; most importantly, to allowing ourselves to personally grow a successful, healthy, happy, joyous life.

We are inspired, and on a grand adventure, with our name on it…custom-designed and guided by our Soul. Open to love and fabulous, delightful success!

– Anne Wondra

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