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The Sophia Code is advanced, mystical spiritual reading to expand, inspire, empower, and activate deep intuitive stirrings, already inside. Featuring seven female Ascended Masters (Keycodes), once women like us, to learn from.

In every age of great change, we seek understanding. Our times are like no other we’ve experienced. Some look to writings of ancient prophets to find resonance, understanding; others quietly take it all in, listen, see, and sense that we, as a world and a people and planet, are evolving.

As children become adults, life-shifting experiences influence, instruct, and challenge us to grow and evolve, to include more, and move into adult understandings, paradigms, worldviews. At the same time, our bodies and abilities also mature into adulthood. We integrate everything we’ve lived and know; and our life-view and divine view expand to embody who we are now. And still there is more.

Grace allows for the seemingly impossible to miraculously appear, without effort, as a direct revelation of divine love.

Other than your willingness to receive her mighty works, grace does not need human participation to work a perfect divine will for all to be boundlessly blessed. When you surrender to grace, you are surrendering to the Holy Spirit within All That Is orchestrating everyday miracles for you, beyond your understanding and beyond your ability to control a desired outcome.

Humanity’s faith in itself, and in a benevolent universe, will only be restored by receiving the grace that humanity believes it has lost. Grace is the invincible Divine Feminine Christ consciousness that has never left you and who lives within you. As you surrender to her mighty works and miraculous solutions, your faith will be reconciled.

There is no greater motivating force in this Universe than the primordial space of mother. Our Divine Feminine Christ blueprint is designed to awaken humanity from its addiction to suffering …

Sophia is the One Self, and there is no greater teacher for reconciliation than She. … Sophia’s grace is a fluid dialog that includes both Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine rays of consciousness speaking as both a unified voice, as well as individuated polarities that can only exist within the empty space of the One Self. As an immaculate quality of Sophia, grace is a perfectly balanced Divine Feminine presence whose great works are supported by Divine Masculine qualities that harmoniously complete Her miracles….

Humanity is one Keycode species that makes up this universal body of Christ. As humanity takes up its mantle of divinity, there will be a great shift to embody a noble humility, a surrendering to grace …

Every Keycode mentor was responsible for birthing new paradigms of heavenly consciousness on Earth, including the reclamation of form as holy. The featured Keycodes are exceptional mentors for your own embodiment of grace as a birther of this next Golden Age of Miracles through the immaculate conceptions of your Sophia Christ consciousness.

Kaia Ra, The Sophia Code: A Living Transmission from the Sophia Dragon Tribe

The Sophia Code is deep and visionary…more like an empowering, inspiring, pragmatic book of revelation…not for ancient times, but for now.

As 2020, with its global pandemic and turbulent natural and human events, ends, we welcome 2021 with a sense of eager, positive anticipation. It’s a feeling, and I’m also feeling and sensing that this time of my being here now, and you being here too, as who we are now, is by design.

What a person reads always influences their thoughts and creating. We’re drawn by instinct, intuition, and or by coincidence, to our next read.

Happy New Year! We are in a Golden Age of Miracles now. Do you also have a sense of underlying positive anticipation?

The Sophia Code is not a fearful read; it’s a revelations kind of read, though–a sacred feminine blueprint; empowering, reassuring, pragmatic, wisdom writings.

Are you drawn? Or not? Listen to your senses, honor them. Everyone has their own perfect time table in everything.

Blessings – Anne