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big magicIt’s only right to start a new year with a new book, and one that inspires the heart and soul of writers and creatives like us!  So, my beautiful goddess friends, starting Tuesday evening, January 12, we’ll be talking about Big Magic in our weekly goddess calls.
I was gifted with a copy over the holidays and am so enjoying it…
Alongside Big Magic, I read and finished Julia Cameron’s Walking In THIS World, also.  Between the two of them, there is rich, wonderful material to feed an artist’s or writer’s or musician’s–or any other creative’s–spirit and work.  It takes courage to say yes to a gift, a calling and do what we do…which is the first section we’ll talking about in Big Magic.
These community calls connect us to each other; the books fuel our spirits and minds.  There is something so good about sharing this weekly time together, in real-time conversations.  The book is a backdrop, a starting place; the rest falls into place.  It is magical sometimes…
Calls start at 8:10 pm. (Central).   Hope you can make it!
Looking forward to Tuesday night’s call.  Big Magic is in the air.
PS  Tuesday night goddess calls are included in your Everyday Goddess Community membership.

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