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Goddesses Never Age

Hello beautiful ones, Our renaissance reading group calls return in September with Goddesses Never Age as our inspiring resource.  Here are some excerpts: The soul is ageless, and it's an expression of the divine, feminine creative force of the universe.  The sacred feminine has traditionally been associated with darkness, the body, mystery, fertility, receiving, and… Continue reading Goddesses Never Age

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Summer spirit reading

Beaches, Books, Walks and Long Talks... Read something that inspires you... Summer has an openness about it... Allow that openness ... follow your heart's desire, your instincts, your spirit of curiosity and dreams.  Play... Imagine ... Travel... Make it an easy, fun, soul-satisfying summer... Read something that makes you feel good every day.  It doesn't need… Continue reading Summer spirit reading

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Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

Didn't plan it that way.  Holy Saturday wasn't on my radar; somehow thought Easter was the following weekend.  I should have known, though.  The very reason Easter jumps around so much is because it's always the Sunday following the first full moon of Spring--and this year, that happens Saturday, April 4. When Christianity 're-purposed' nature-based… Continue reading Full-moon Holy-Saturday Greatness-Growing retreat …maybe more fitting …

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Learning experiences and deeper wisdom

Hello goddesses! I'm concluding some experiences -- or maybe all of them -- are given for the sole purpose of learning from them.  Yesterday's Purpose Talk interview was a classic example.  It was a golden opportunity--and didn't turn out to be so great...  Part was technology not cooperating... There are things we cannot control. And,… Continue reading Learning experiences and deeper wisdom

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A fun week!

It started in Lake Geneva, Saturday.  Beautiful day.  Went to Play--mostly at a women's resource fair--and a little shopping too!  Following-the-muse FUN!  Came home with a 'Follow Your Bliss' treasure (that was still waiting for me...)   and a soft powder blue calcite stone that fit my hand and beckoned (surprise face later.)   Such… Continue reading A fun week!