New moon, eclipse, Women’s Day goddess group

This day is an energetically powerful one:  International Women’s Day, a New Moon with a solar Eclipse,  and there’s a great awareness rising also– a coming together of voices — women and men celebrities this week, on behalf of equality for women and girls globally.

Our goddess call tonight goes more into the Power of Flow, and particularly Synchronicity.  We have those today… energies are coming together dramatically.  These things are always openings to Go with the Flow; knowing the current of the river is helping us, propelling us forward faster and farther than we could do on our own power, through our own efforts…

Abraham says, “Nothing you want is upstream.”

Nothing we want is upstream…  I have pondered that.  We are so tempted to go against the current; we’re told we have to work hard, that life is supposed to be hard, that we are supposed to paddle against the current…

What if they’re wrong?  And what if that River of Life has us exactly on course for OUR personal life?  And all we have to do is go with the River and navigate around and through whatever is part of that River Ride?  Like putting your boat in a river and using your oars to steer, it’s a workout … and isn’t it a FUN one.. that you willing chose to experience?!

Enjoy playing in that river with me on tonight’s goddess call.  Or delightfully and fully engage in your own River Ride.  Go with the Flow and Synchronicity of where it leads you.  This is YOUR LIFE TIME here…and take a chance that the River of Life is exactly and perfectly on course for YOUR personal Life… This work we are doing can be exhilarating; would you agree?!

Blessings, much love, and honor this day and all its synchronicities…  Breathe, exhale, appreciate, and be alive and present and you. – Anne


Divinity and Creativity

We finished Big Magic last night, embracing divinity in creating.

A story of sacred dances in Bali looked at What is sacred? and What is not sacred?

In her story, it was only high-minded Westerners who had trouble with that one…because they insisted on separating and having some tangible way of discerning one from the other. It’s where many get hung up and sidetracked from experiencing divine magic and celebrating its blending and powerful transforming metamorphosis.

I loved her In Conclusion words:

Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred.

What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all.

We toil alone, and we are accompanied by spirits.

We are terrified, and we are brave.  Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege.

Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.

Make space for all these paradoxes to be equally true inside your soul, and I promise–you can make anything.

So please calm down now and get back to work, okay?

The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.

(Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic)

I LOVE that!  — those paradoxes that are equally true — and I especially love this:  Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.

Divinity and playfulness create magic

Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic was a wonderfully worthwhile inspiring read.

The Power of Flow bookNext week Tuesday night’s call, we’ll begin  The Power of Flow..  how flow and synchronicities, and meaningful coincidences show up and bring more to us!

Go with the flow this week, notice interesting coincidences, and remember, Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us!

Have a Great Week!  Looking forward to our talk on Tuesday.  – Anne

PS.  If you’re wanting IN on these weekly grow-your-greatness, uplifting, personal-growth, expanding-thought-and-wisdom calls, join here.  We are fun, fabulous, open-to-magic creatives, playful-spirited wise-women goddesses, and also always works in processCommitment:  Read a chapter, call in Tuesday nights that you can, and share your notes. … supporting, celebrating and growing our greatness…together.

Much love, light, and laughter in your living.  Blessings.  – A


Hello beautiful ones.  Happy Monday.

Our Tuesday night ‘Big Magic’ book group / Goddess call this week is on Permission.  Who’s permission do you need to follow your dream?  to create?  to speak?  write? to believe in Big Magic within and around you?  I’m looking forward to an inspiring and uplifting time.  You’ll want to read ‘Big Magic’  Part III – Permission ahead of time.

No worries if you haven’t joined us on the first two; each part has plenty to engage and restore our creative corners, critics, and concerns.  Creative living beyond fear the cover says.   There are always wise words to be shared–both from our author and each one of us on the call.

Welcome.  We meet by phone, Tuesday nights at 8:10 pm (Central).  Our book is a backdrop to whatever wants to find its voice.

If you’re a member, you already have your call-in details.  If you’d like a guest pass for this series, ask me by email or message.



6-week ‘Big Magic’ Series

big magicIt’s only right to start a new year with a new book, and one that inspires the heart and soul of writers and creatives like us!  So, my beautiful goddess friends, starting Tuesday evening, January 12, we’ll be talking about Big Magic in our weekly goddess calls.

I was gifted with a copy over the holidays and am so enjoying it…

Alongside Big Magic, I read and finished Julia Cameron’s Walking In THIS World, also.  Between the two of them, there is rich, wonderful material to feed an artist’s or writer’s or musician’s–or any other creative’s–spirit and work.  It takes courage to say yes to a gift, a calling and do what we do…which is the first section we’ll talking about in Big Magic.

These community calls connect us to each other; the books fuel our spirits and minds.  There is something so good about sharing this weekly time together, in real-time conversations.  The book is a backdrop, a starting place; the rest falls into place.  It is magical sometimes…

Calls start at 8:10 pm. (Central).   Hope you can make it!

Looking forward to Tuesday night’s call.  Big Magic is in the air.

PS  Tuesday night goddess calls are included in your Everyday Goddess Community membership.


Small (Talk) F.A.R.T.S.

Here’s an Easy-to-Remember way to handle those inevitable Small Talk conversations over the holidays.

You know I’ve been hanging around brothers and working with guys maybe a little too much–all my life–when one like this pops in my hear.  I giggled writing it… and also included good practical stuff too. Enjoy and happy holidays! – Anne

All things Anne Wondra

We gather more this time of year; formal and informal.  In groups and settings that are a diverse mix: from family and friends, to professional colleagues, to others we’re meeting for the first time.

What to talk about?  …. Helps to come with a plan.  I like humor and easy too.   Here’s a little of both to help you out.  …. Little ‘FARTS’… to get to know someone better, make small talk, and maybe make a memorable connection.  ‘FARTS’ is an easy-to-remember acronym of what to talk about:

F – Family or Friends in common.  Have you seen…?  Are they still…?  When you see them next time, tell them…

A – Arts.  Theater, movies, fine art, art fairs, favorite artists; or maybe they are art makers and creators too.

R – Reading.  Books read this year, magazines, articles one enjoyed, or recipes.  What we’re learning, engaging in, fueling…

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In god’s image …

What does in god’s image mean to someone like you and me?  … Taught from early on that I am created in the image and likeness of god, and every mirror reveals a curvy, dancing, beautiful, woman’s body and being.   Yep, definitely a she.

It was my mother who taught me to listen with my own ears and pay attention, to look and see with my own eyes, and use my common sense. .. to think for myself…

Vatican II brought lots of changes for those in the pews:  Priests started facing their congregation instead of presenting their backside; Mass was spoken in English instead of Latin–our spoken language–so we could understand and read along with the words; Bible reading was encouraged; music changed and guitars and folk music were added; and the one that upset my grandmother the most: women were allowed on the altar–as lectors, servers, and Eucharistic ministers!  Unheard of… scandalous!

And I heard my mother say to her mother, “Who do you think was the first person to hold the real body of Christ?  It was no man!”  There is arguably nothing more powerful than a mother’s voice and words.

These were thunder bolts that opened ears, eyes, and flood gates for me; and unlocked ancient chambers inside.  My world shifted:   Permission granted to read between lines and really hear and see a story happening in real life.  I have ever since.  I pay attention to words, readings, lyrics, and trust my instincts.

In that defining moment, my mother was taking a stand that differed from her own mother’s.  She was daring to speak from her own knowing!  About god stuff…

She, too, somewhere had to answer that question, “Who do you think you are?” and own a solid enough answer.   I forget that my mother was in a convent before she chose a family life…

We are told to believe and think and discount a lot of things…including our divinely given body, mind, spirit, eyes, ears, brain, feelings, imagination, dreams, visions, soul, experiences…in the name of what?  Why?  Not to trust our self?  our knowing?

Here’s MORE… and a recent find… with an open invitation to explore this ‘In God’s Image‘ concept further…adding a few more divine images to our cosmology, psyche, soul.  Six booklets, 6 weeks, 6 women, 6 chairs, 6 songs. …


Blessings and much love, my beautiful ones.   – Anne

Making space for one to pass

Schedule changes this week, my lovelies, as I make space and time for family and a funeral.

A lovely woman passed this weekend.  She was my mother-in-law.  And unlike most stories and jokes about mothers-in-law, mine got who I was, maybe because she too was a creative spirit, and maybe because there’s Carrier blood in her veins and soul…

So many ironies and apparent coincidences that one has to know they must have been divinely designed–probably by her…like all five of her kids being in town, including the one from Phoenix.  Scheduled months ago, and days that turned out to include her next surgery date.  It went horribly wrong…

It’s written that when we decide to take human form on this earth plane, we are required to include five exit points where we can choose to leave and return to non-physical pure positive energy.  Physical Life here holds challenges; we give ourselves ‘outs’ along the way.  Surgeries are often among those ‘outs.’

She was ready and prepared and very lucid after her surgery to adamantly and clearly state her wishes and desires.  There was no question what she wanted and where this was heading. She was done and ready to move on.  It was not an in-the-moment thing.  She had once sprung a funeral home appointment on her family at a Halloween pizza party gathering when they all again happened to be home…  (At the time, they were not too pleased; yesterday, they appreciated that earlier visit.) And she had spoken of her wishes more than once along the way in recent months.

It’s so much easier carrying out somebody’s wishes than guessing.  Timing was perfect of course.  A day when everyone gathered, waiting…  A lot of family stories and laughter and assorted moments that make up times like these.  At day’s end, most of us dispersed.  Two stayed; then one remained.  She passed peacefully in the wee hours of a Sunday morning.  The call came shortly after.  She didn’t linger … time was of the essence for proper closure and scheduled travels…  I somehow think she made sure of that …

Arrangement details finalized and set in motion, while all are still around.  Visitation and Funeral are tomorrow.  Three days–Sunday through Tuesday…  Travelers depart; others remain…

Schedule Changes:

No goddess calls this week.  Monday and Tuesday calls resume next week.

Thursday afternoon gathering and evening call ‘Afterlife Beliefs that Feel Better and Inspire,’ I’m open to do this one.  (Interesting timing there… perfect of course…)  Details and let me know.

Peace on your pathways …


path end

from  J. R. R. Tolkien



Living a Life you Love

Hello lovelies,
Happy Thanksgiving weekend!
I’m sharing some favorite grow-your-greatness resources today. That ‘True Wealth’ and ‘Conducting a Life Audit’ are also opportunities to connect and play with them together…in person on Sunday afternoon (Nov 29) and virtually on Monday evening (Nov 30).
Let me know Saturday if you’re in for one or both. 🙂
Have a beautiful, enjoyable Thanksgiving day. – Anne

All things Anne Wondra

What we focus on, we get more of.  It changes us.  Imagine that!

Yet, those around us (i.e. media and others) seem to want our focus to be on less-than-joyful-and-uplifting things.  Many have forgotten how to speak about pure, positive, living-a-life-you-love well-being!

Here’s some help with that.  Pick one:

We can’t change the wind, but we can change our sail. (Unknown)

What do you want for your life going forward?

You can go it alone, or invite a partner who celebrates your living a life you love, and more!  (I’m one of those kind of partners.)

You’ll find

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What seems Real

A story of a young girl’s first experience of a 3D movie:

What she saw scared her, sending her bucket of popcorn and giant beverage flying as she screamed and fled terrified, out of the theater.  She reacted with all the intensity of her young self because it felt real, as if it was real–instead of an illusion created by a different pair of glasses she was wearing…

It felt real!  It was real enough that it tapped into her fears–just as it was intended to.  It was a spontaneous, powerful reaction.

Our minds and vision are extremely powerful features we come with.  What we see and feel and perceive–through whatever lenses we are looking through–causes us to react-even when it’s only an illusion... not real…

What if, instead of Fear lenses, we put those lenses to much higher use:

What if lenses are LOVE lenses?  Or desire?  Or delight? Or wonderful feel-good lenses, instead, that tapped our creating and passion? What if we surrounded ourselves with breathtaking beauty?  And what if we could also generate powerful reactions of that corresponding kind! …

We can… This is an important concept …  that perhaps we are all more significant creators of what we see and experience than we thought?

What we SEE has such an impact.  The lenses we look through make whatever we see, look and feel real … and we respond as if it IS real

There is much we are still learning about ourselves creators, as souls, as embodied spirits, living a physical life experience.

Religion and science are sisters in their revelations to us.  Indeed, science was once a ‘branch’ of religion…  and they’ve had their differences.  As time evolves, however, they are growing closer again.  Spirituality is evolving; Science is evolving; WE are evolving.  Our souls are expanding… bringing new god / goddess questions with them.  And there are callings inside each of us, that we’re born with… coming to life.

Spiritual awakenings have side-affects.  Like a moth outgrowing its cocoon….There is no fitting back in where you grew out of…  Wings are a different experience….

I have been through this process … and continue its amazing journey.  … and lighten the way for others.

For now, I’ll leave you with a beautiful gift…  (Listen, take notes, and bring them along next month…  This is powerful and wonderful journey fuel…)

Blessings and much love.  I am here … for you and with you…  – Anne

Book Group, Technology Share this week

Hello goddesses,

Tuesday night Book Group Call:  We’re finishing up end parts of Chapter 1 (beg. p 18, The Sacred Feminine) and Chapter 2 (beg. p 35, Optimism and Pleasure)  instead of moving on to Chapter 3–Group decided to catch parts we missed instead of moving on…  Love this group!  Goddesses play with possibilities.

3rd Friday Technology Share is this week also.  Friday afternoon, 1-3 pm .  Let me know by Wednesday evening (Oct 14), if you plan on joining me Friday.

For more about Tuesday Goddess Calls and 3rd Friday Technology Shares click here.

Beauty isThank you for being part of this community of wonderful warm, wise women goddesses.  You are truly blessed, beautiful spirits, and much loved and appreciated…

Have a delightful week. – Anne