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Going inward

A lot of good comes of silence… alone with our thoughts, feelings, emotions.  Quiet time, personal retreat, centering.  In all the noise out there, I had to go inward with the events of the past few days…reading, writing, letting emotions run through.  I want to be only with my people, those in alignment with my own energies.  I have no desire to be in those other energies right now.

My reading has been delightfully perfect and insightful, though … bringing sparkling clarity that comes out of contrast.  This was deep contrast bringing powerful clarity … re-aligning with my core; all of who I am and love and breath filling a sacred space in me. — and, of course, perfect words showed up to help.  (The Universe has such a sense of humor and just the most-precise way to reach me.)

For anything to grow, space is needed.  If we wish to get more from life, sometimes it is necessary to do less instead of trying to cram more things in. – Sue and Simon Lilly

You have no idea what’s been unleashed.  Pussies were never meant to be leashed;  cat-persons know this.

This book–and the work of my entire life–is promoting a new type of activism.  …  It is based not in anger and indignation, but in joy and pleasure.  It’s an activism that is undertaken by women, for women.  It’s about taking other women higher in order to take ourselves higher.  It incorporates spirituality, social justice, radiant turn-on, and reverence for nature.  …   This revolution is here to take the world to a new level of turn-on.  – Regena Thomashauer

Our sacred core is pleasure, joy, and radiance. Oh yes…

My experience of the slave life and the situation with my employer made me realize that true power is very different from the power I had learned about in my political science classes in school.  I now know that to be powerful means to be true to who you are, rather than the domination of others.  – Mira Kelley

It’s My Pleasure…

… ancient, female-based religions viewed pleasure-seeking as an act of worship. … Pleasure is an ancient sacred path. … Pleasure is a path of hope and optimism, belief in love and, yes, romance!  It’s a path that leads to happy endings and true love, but it’s up to each of us to create it. … But ultimately the journey is yours to take and create.  And the pleasure will be yours too.  – Maria Rodale and Maya Rodale

Joy, Pleasure, and Radiance 2017.

In the midst of this came my word for 2017: RADIANCE…   as in Awaken your Radiance, Lit from Within, Let your Sun shine; know you are the Sun.  Unleash your Radiance … we aren’t meant to be leashed.   Our sensuality is sacred, pleasure is our divine power; self-recovery is a sacred journey I know well, and light a path through.

I am loving Tuesday afternoons here; incredible conversations, women, and Mama Gena’s book.  There will be more of these.  (Info HERE, if you want to be part of them now.)

So much is coming together.  I’m grateful, love it, and feel excited…and also honoring what my spirit needs.  Hope you are too.  Blessings and love, and take really good care of you.  – Anne






Spirit-goddess card readings

If you see me having coffee somewhere in my travels, my cards are close by.  It’s how I work and travel.

I love how the perfect card drops and offers beautiful guidance your spirit needs. Whatever concern or indecision prompted your call or curiosity, you will receive insightful perspective…in the cards and in conversation that flows from it.

It’s what I do:  I help others follow their dreams; and in the process, I live mine.

My beautiful goddesses, it is my pleasure to offer and include these card readings in your membership.   Because that frees you to call me when you need to talk and find peace or insight about something.  It’s like calling AAA for roadside service when your rental car keys are locked in the car; your membership is golden.

Life keeps moving, evolving; and we certainly need another perspective sometimes.  Our nature is to process these happenings through words…writing, conversing, seeking deeper wisdom.  My nature is being a delightful spirit goddess partner in your dream-following and creating.

A lovely exchange and partnering, wouldn’t you agree.

Talk to you soon.    – Anne




The Wise Woman

… you know her…The Wise WomanDivinity and Creativity, embracing our essence …

In her concluding words of Big Magic, author Elizabeth Gilbert leaves us with thoughtful words about this work we do:

Creativity is sacred, and it is not sacred.

What we make matters enormously, and it doesn’t matter at all.

We toil alone, and we are accompanied by spirits.

We are terrified, and we are brave.  Art is a crushing chore and a wonderful privilege.

Only when we are at our most playful can divinity finally get serious with us.

Make space for all these paradoxes to be equally true inside your soul, and I promise–you can make anything.

So please calm down now and get back to work, okay?

The treasures that are hidden inside you are hoping you will say yes.

(Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic)

Our lives are sacred work… and all those paradoxes that go with it… We are blessed and blessing, human and divine, art and soul…wise women.  Look in a mirror, deep in those eyes…and smile.  – Anne

In god’s image …

What does in god’s image mean to someone like you and me?  … Taught from early on that I am created in the image and likeness of god, and every mirror reveals a curvy, dancing, beautiful, woman’s body and being.   Yep, definitely a she.

It was my mother who taught me to listen with my own ears and pay attention, to look and see with my own eyes, and use my common sense. .. to think for myself…

Vatican II brought lots of changes for those in the pews:  Priests started facing their congregation instead of presenting their backside; Mass was spoken in English instead of Latin–our spoken language–so we could understand and read along with the words; Bible reading was encouraged; music changed and guitars and folk music were added; and the one that upset my grandmother the most: women were allowed on the altar–as lectors, servers, and Eucharistic ministers!  Unheard of… scandalous!

And I heard my mother say to her mother, “Who do you think was the first person to hold the real body of Christ?  It was no man!”  There is arguably nothing more powerful than a mother’s voice and words.

These were thunder bolts that opened ears, eyes, and flood gates for me; and unlocked ancient chambers inside.  My world shifted:   Permission granted to read between lines and really hear and see a story happening in real life.  I have ever since.  I pay attention to words, readings, lyrics, and trust my instincts.

In that defining moment, my mother was taking a stand that differed from her own mother’s.  She was daring to speak from her own knowing!  About god stuff…

She, too, somewhere had to answer that question, “Who do you think you are?” and own a solid enough answer.   I forget that my mother was in a convent before she chose a family life…

We are told to believe and think and discount a lot of things…including our divinely given body, mind, spirit, eyes, ears, brain, feelings, imagination, dreams, visions, soul, experiences…in the name of what?  Why?  Not to trust our self?  our knowing?

Here’s MORE… and a recent find… with an open invitation to explore this ‘In God’s Image‘ concept further…adding a few more divine images to our cosmology, psyche, soul.  Six booklets, 6 weeks, 6 women, 6 chairs, 6 songs. …


Blessings and much love, my beautiful ones.   – Anne

What seems Real

A story of a young girl’s first experience of a 3D movie:

What she saw scared her, sending her bucket of popcorn and giant beverage flying as she screamed and fled terrified, out of the theater.  She reacted with all the intensity of her young self because it felt real, as if it was real–instead of an illusion created by a different pair of glasses she was wearing…

It felt real!  It was real enough that it tapped into her fears–just as it was intended to.  It was a spontaneous, powerful reaction.

Our minds and vision are extremely powerful features we come with.  What we see and feel and perceive–through whatever lenses we are looking through–causes us to react-even when it’s only an illusion... not real…

What if, instead of Fear lenses, we put those lenses to much higher use:

What if lenses are LOVE lenses?  Or desire?  Or delight? Or wonderful feel-good lenses, instead, that tapped our creating and passion? What if we surrounded ourselves with breathtaking beauty?  And what if we could also generate powerful reactions of that corresponding kind! …

We can… This is an important concept …  that perhaps we are all more significant creators of what we see and experience than we thought?

What we SEE has such an impact.  The lenses we look through make whatever we see, look and feel real … and we respond as if it IS real

There is much we are still learning about ourselves creators, as souls, as embodied spirits, living a physical life experience.

Religion and science are sisters in their revelations to us.  Indeed, science was once a ‘branch’ of religion…  and they’ve had their differences.  As time evolves, however, they are growing closer again.  Spirituality is evolving; Science is evolving; WE are evolving.  Our souls are expanding… bringing new god / goddess questions with them.  And there are callings inside each of us, that we’re born with… coming to life.

Spiritual awakenings have side-affects.  Like a moth outgrowing its cocoon….There is no fitting back in where you grew out of…  Wings are a different experience….

I have been through this process … and continue its amazing journey.  … and lighten the way for others.

For now, I’ll leave you with a beautiful gift…  (Listen, take notes, and bring them along next month…  This is powerful and wonderful journey fuel…)

Blessings and much love.  I am here … for you and with you…  – Anne

Summer spirit reading

Beach bannerBeaches, Books, Walks and Long Talks…

Read something that inspires you…

Summer has an openness about it… Allow that openness … follow your heart’s desire, your instincts, your spirit of curiosity and dreams.  Play… Imagine … Travel…

Make it an easy, fun, soul-satisfying summer…

Read something that makes you feel good every day.  It doesn’t need to be a lot … or it can be….  bring a notebook; collect words to remember… gathering thoughts…

Summer spiritual is self-discovery and personal path-finding; immersed in a natural paradise. … beauty, water, trees, light, free-spirited being…  out of doors, in the open, gentle breezes…

How do you want to feed your soul? your spirit?  your life?

What is your spirit exploring this summer?  Needing?      Here are places to start:

There are many more, of course…  Follow what draws you… intuition is a wonderful thing.

Blessings and beaches and much love,


3 self-commitments


Lake Michigan waves





Puzzle Pieces

Life is a game.  And you have all the pieces you need to play right now.

Puzzle table smI start with a frame … in puzzles and in life.

And I believe we do have all the pieces we need to PLAY right now.  (I emphasize PLAY because that energy is Creative-Spirited and Fun,  Attracting energy.  It’s Light and Open… to Inspired Delights!)

This one is in the Kindred Spirit Center today … opened last night when a colleague and her daughter were waiting for a young man to finish a guitar lesson.

Seeing it today, I was compelled to find the remaining border pieces.  It was so close to being done…only I could find no more flat-edge pieces…

You have all the pieces you need to play right now…

Really?  Really…

So I took a closer look.

What if some pieces … already placed … were not in their correct places?  Interesting thought.

Sure enough.  Two pieces that, while close, were not exact fits.  Each seemed to work at the time.  Only the art — and fit — were slightly off.

Once exchanged, and correct pieces moved to right places, my frame fit together perfectly…

There’s a metaphor here for Life … and Relationships.

Some pieces seem to fit–maybe not exactly, but good enough …we think.  How many have discovered that good enough really wasn‘t after while?  And then we find what is….

I marvel how Life is so amazingly precise.  We receive all the pieces–of information, resources, angels, inspiration–in perfect timing–to play out our life story and roles. …

There is a rainbow river flowing.  Trust it, play in it.  We don’t have to create the river, or the rainbow.

Don’t push the river; it flows on its own.

What if we play with a lighter and freer sense of allowing, knowing that our particular puzzle of life has all the precise pieces we need to play … and grow our greatness in … right now?   It’s a process…and there are clues.

The Life Skills of our time are more expansive and spiritual and playful than our standard Doing and Logical mindsets.  Clearly, we are beings of spirit and light, and Life works with a precision and perfection that’s amazing!  Rainbow river

In honor of birthday month; I’m celebrating with a gift.

Purchase a Life Skill kit.  It’s an easy place to start.  A few common themes coming across more lately:

  • Relationships
  • Job Transition / Loss / Needing a Change  (re-storying You in the aftermath)
  • Money … inner game, spirit and soul, being-instead-of-doing, and allowing-and-receiving elements, of abundance flow
  • Spirituality  . searching . needing simple and feminine-sensitive-spirit-centered . inner-peace-finding, bridges, personal path-taking
  • Confidence and Personal Power – healthy boundaries, self-worth, self-talk
  • Environments of support and how to create them
  • More  …

20 couponHere’s to puzzle pieces and knowing we have all the pieces we need to play right now.  … they’re coming together…! 🙂

Be gentle with yourselves in the process.  Lots of love.  – Anne

Tuesday ‘Traveling at the Speed of Love’ call tonight

Hello goddesses,

It’s Tuesday; and that means there’s an e.d. goddess community conference call tonight at 8:10 pm Central time.  It’s a ‘share-what-you’re-reading’ kind of call, connected to one of those three spiritual Self-Commitments I ask of clients and groups who work with me.  What I know for Sure kdl

To be reading something daily that makes us feel good, something that inspires us, something that empowers our sense of self-worth and abundance, something that speaks to living at the speed of love…from our heart and soul in ordinary time…feeds and fuels our spirit mind and being.  Bringing our voices to such words, with one another, amplifies that.

How would your life be different if there was a place for you, a circle of women, sharing inspiring words like this regularly; a reading and re-story-ing personal-renaissance circle, celebrating and supporting our growing…

Members always welcome for these free weekly callsJoin now.  Or just sign up a la carte.

Call-in access details included with registration, or ask.

Meet you on the call!   – Anne

Learning experiences and deeper wisdom

Hello goddesses!

I’m concluding some experiences — or maybe all of them — are given for the sole purpose of learning from them.  Yesterday’s Purpose Talk interview was a classic example.  It was a golden opportunity–and didn’t turn out to be so great…  Part was technology not cooperating… There are things we cannot control.

And, there were things I could (and should) have done differently.  Instead of a shining moment, it feels like a humbling one.

Lessons learned.

If someone gives you a chance to make your own introduction, take them up on it.

My first mistake was not doing that and allowing the host to pick and choose from the bio info she’d gathered on me.  I’d provided a brief intro / bio–as instructed.  She had gathered more, though, being the good journalist she is. I would have chosen different elements of my back story to share.  Listening, it felt way too long. And our (my) attention span for listening without supporting visuals is not that long… or was that just me being overly sensitive?

In my ‘Do-over,’ I will have a bullet-pointed ‘cheat-sheet’ of back-story snippets, share a few pieces, and move on to the rest of the interview.  Other stories may come up along the way, in the process…

My second lesson: Playing to my strengths means having an interactive dialog… and I really prefer face-to-face or skype and having visuals. And monologues require visuals!

When the line went silent–technical difficulties beyond my control–it might have been better to end the interview / show–and schedule a do-over.  Trying to do an unexpected monologue — with no visuals –definitely not where I shine.  Contrast does indeed bring one more clarity…

The third lesson learned and what I would do differently, is to have a wrap-up / closing / call to action prepared.  Summary of who I am, what i was sharing today, where they can get a copy / learn more / contact me.  Another bullet-pointed card / sheet prepared ahead of time….

Gratitudes and Graces.

In case any of you thought I had it all totally together, you now know I’m here learning right along with you.  I am grateful for a sense of humor–to see the exquisite humor and irony of how lessons come my way  I’m grateful to Cindy Freeman and Purpose Talk Radio for inviting me to share a resource that empowers the spirit of women.  It wasn’t supposed to be about me talking and saying a lot of words; it was to lead listeners to A Deeper Wisdom, Patricia Lynn Reilly’s feminine-spirit-supporting Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective:

The Twelve Steps from a Religious Science Perspective
Step 1: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I was not aware of the resources available
to transform them. I have reached out for support. This is a brave action on my own behalf. I
celebrate my courage.
Step 2: I have come to believe that my deepest impulse is toward health and wholeness. I am
restored to a loving and trusting relationship with myself. My vision of life flows from health
and wholeness.
Step 3: I choose to relinquish my negative habits of behavior and to replace them with lifeaffirming
ones. I cultivate my relationship with Deeper Wisdom, the part of me unharmed and
unhindered by the wounds of my experience.
Step 4: Turning a merciful eye toward myself, I inventory both my life-affirming and ineffective
Step 5: In the company of my circle of support and wisdom, I celebrate my life-affirming
behaviors and accept responsibility for my ineffective behaviors.
Step 6: I am entirely ready to have my injuries healed and my ineffective behaviors transformed.
Step 7: My recovery journey is orchestrated by Deeper Wisdom. In the fullness of time, healing
and transformation occur. I actively participate in this process.
Step 8: Certain that I love myself, I welcome clarity and honesty in my relationships. I
acknowledge those who were “splattered” by my ineffective behaviors. I celebrate those who
were blessed by my life-affirming behaviors.
Step 9: Having forgiven myself, I bless myself and others by making amends wherever possible
except when to do so would injure them or others.
Step 10: I turn a merciful eye toward myself and my relationships daily. I acknowledge with
gratitude the gifts and challenges of the day. I celebrate my life-affirming behaviors and take
responsibility for my ineffective behaviors.
Step 11: Through prayer and meditation I place myself in the middle of the stream of Wisdom
flowing through my life. I listen to its urgings and live in harmony with its impulses toward
health and wholeness.
Step 12: Having had a spiritual awakening as a result of these steps, I carry this message to
others and practice these principles in all my affairs.
(c) 1999 Patricia Lynn Reilly , A Deeper Wisdom,

Blessings, and grow your greatness.  Our soul didn’t come here to hide…..   A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective

And all these learning experiences?  Exactly what each of us needs at a given time.  – Anne

Purpose Talk Radio today at 2: Twelve Steps as reWritten for Women

An unexpected surprise opp… and fun is always on the other side of ‘yes.’   Tune in, call in, or just send good thoughts in spirit.  Thank you!  Positively good stuff!   – Anne 🙂