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Psychics, Healers, and other Woo-woo spirit Gifts

There are gifted ones among us. Maybe you or someone in your family, or a friend. Some hide their gifts, because not everyone would understand.

There’s an element of fear we’re taught, about anything or anyone that’s unusual. We fear being different and feeling alone, too. After all, we’re social beings, and it’s much easier to blend in, to be invisible, not to be noticed…until it isn’t easier anymore.

The truth is, many with these spiritual gifts are all around us. Those gifts have also been around for a long time… There was always an element of woo-woo in religions and spiritual places and people; mystics, healers, great teachers, visionaries, channels

A great teacher and miracle worker, called the Master, once said we would do all these amazing things that he did, and greater. If you believe that, then woo-woo spiritual gifts and gifted ones among us should be no surprise. … Although, his precedence of making waves being who he was, having both religious and political leaders wanting him dead–and conspiring to make it happen, held a dire warning to any spiritually gifted souls throughout time ever since: that they were not safe in places and around people others thought of as safe.

We hide our gifts, especially women who are gifted, because the Inquisition and witch trials have visceral remnants in our emotional fields, because some were thought crazy and were medicated or institutionalized, and some self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs or other means–because our knowing, our ways of being different, gifted, have been labeled as fear-worthy or worse.

Finding courage, confidence, divinity…

You and your gifts are divinely on purpose, needed, holy powers of soul work assignments. Those who need me find me when it’s time; I have been on this path and earth for awhile; and have been an uplifting spirit-freeing soul sister.

Yesterday completed a personal goddess-spirit series with another spiritual life traveler. Wonderful exchanges, good for us both; where she got to voice what was in her heart; I got to reassure and put a modern-day empowerful lens on those Gifts of the Spirit we learned once, especially woo-woo ones they didn’t talk about or dive into much in catholic school religion class. To just be a spirit-freeing soul sister of support and assurance as another awakens, as others were for me once.

Your curiosity and quests, awakenings, are divinely guided; your courage to listen with different, fresh ears; see with different, fresh eyes, much more aware and knowing eyes, are encouraged; to be and honor your self and soul as you become more compelled to … Because spiritual gifts, if we came here to use them, don’t go away easily. They only hide for awhile, until it’s safe to come out.

When a student is ready, a teacher will show up.


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