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Summer Beach group begins next month.  Women’s wisdom, summer reading, sharing in a summer open-air beach-side circle.  I love these deeper conversations and the wise women who gather.

Where are you drawn to grow and play this summer?

What are you reading?  Or what’s waiting for you to dive into?  Where is your Spirit of Love and Joy and Creativity pulling you toward more?  Life-traveling, especially is summer, has a freedom and spaciousness about it.  Different environments–places, people, routines.

Choose your own book this year.

Guideline is that it be written by a woman and that you’re drawn to it, for whatever kind of uplifting and inspiring reason it calls you. …  Those will be our conversation starters each week.
I’ll be sharing Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions, and continuing Monday Morning calls…opening and expanding Monday mornings for a virtual women’s wisdom ‘beach group’ book club– in addition to Friday Morning one at the beach.  My 3 rules again….
Details flyer coming very soon.
For today, sharing quotes, beauty, and wisdom to play with.

 You never get it done, and you cannot get it wrong. Life is supposed to be fun: you are creator, you are a focusing mechanism, and you are here in an environment that is very conducive to that. When you get hold of an idea, play it out for the pleasure in it. If you are doing it for any other reason, then you are not connecting to your Source Energy.
Excerpted from Silver Springs, MD on 4/11/99 (Esther Hicks, Abraham, Abraham-Hicks)

Enjoy your day.  – Anne