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Calls and other opportunities to connect Everyday Goddess Community members. Interactive. Creative collaborations. Relationship building. Allowing and open to the experience and sharing.

Exploring our divinity…

our worth, and waaaayyyy more …

This content is deep and spiritual. It will stir dynamic exchanges, touch souls, and shift power centers, and awaken that light and passion of a goddess you are born to embody and be.

And this leadership, sensual-spiritual-feminine-soul scholarship and support resources, and well-seasoned, deepened, life empowering passionate presence of this course….And  twenty-some hours of live, in-person conversing together around a woman’s worth, well-being, who we really are, and where and how and what we desire to shine our radiance in service of.

That’s a lot, hugely valuable to a woman ready and willing to explore and own her soul, her life, her divinity, her brilliance and light, to see and reclaim her extraordinary worth and show up confidently aware and powerful wherever she walks this earth.

Sister goddesses, this is one powerful adventure you’re invited into–a life’s work of its author, and add to generously as this course continues.  This is a goddess-growing, soul-activating, powerful course.

Classes are $20 each.  (Will meet 9 times, about 2 hours each.)

See our Calendar for course dates and more details.

Anything’s possible.  You are of goddess origins.  Pleasure is your birthright. Your soul is aware and awakening.  You are radiant, brilliant light… power pulsates and takes form through you…

Goddess candle


Daring to be Ourselves

Hello goddesses,

Our words for today are ‘Daring’ and ‘Courage’ because it takes courage and daring to be OURSELVES.  It’s so much easier and safer to play-act being someone else.  To be truly who we are, though, is to risk ridicule.  Words meant to hurt, dishonor, shame.

Why am I afraid to tell you who I am?  Because … you may not like who I am, and that’s all I have.  – John Powell, S.J.

If our mask is being made fun of, we can laugh along with the joker; it’s only a costume, after all.  When there is no mask, we are vulnerable to feel our deeper spirit’s wounding…our real spirit of self-worth, acceptance…and believe that our real SELF is not good enough, that we are not good, or enough. … When we ARE very much, both good, and enough.

Self-discovery is a Sacred Path.

It takes COURAGE and DARING to confidently travel our personal path and discover–and recover– our own style, beauty, gifts, grace, and greatness.  …  to live without the mask and costume of someone else.

Our Fall Book Study Series is a powerful one and begins next week Tuesday and Thursday.  Our guiding resource book, P***y: a Reclamation, may take Courage and Daring for some to read also.  Is it worth it?  I think it is; you decide, though.

Join me if you’re feeling a little Daring and Courageous… and maybe Curious.

If you’re like me, you have more than one book going at a time.  Alongside this one, for instance, I’ve got Renee Starr’s You Are Woman, You Are Divine. I love how one sheds light on another.  Here are three more interesting complementary-reading possibilities you might like also:

Daring to Be Yourself by Alexandra Stoddard

A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson

The Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd

Get IN on this Awesomeness TODAY!  Be a little daring.  This is going to be so good and fun.  Details are on this Calendar or here.  Welcome.

A lot of this is deep and personal stuff… religion, spirituality, self-esteem, and full ownership and awareness of one’s life, body, and soul. And loving our self and  being our true self.  It all takes a certain amount of Daring and Courage…that we will help each other with.

For some, perhaps a group is not a comfortable venue–or group times don’t fit right now.  That’s why I also provide individual private-study Personal Packages.  If that feels better, a free 30-minute, no-obligation discovery session gets us started.

These are Expansive Times — of expanding our understanding of all that it means to LIVE–bodily and spiritually–in this Lifetime EXACTLY as who we are…and that our path definitely includes Pleasure by design.

Still have questions, contact me.

Looking forward to these delightfully daring gatherings. – Anne


Summer Beach Group 2016

IMAGINE MONDAY MORNINGS for reading, writing, and meaningful conversing with women like yourself who are changing and growing, in all kinds of ways …

SUMMER is a perfect time … and the setting is heavenly!

The inspiration came over coffee one morning at a favorite beach-side coffee shop…four years ago…  And every year since, women have gathered by the water; and deeper words and wisdom have been shared.  It’s a beautiful thing.

2016 will be our 5th Annual Summer Beach Group Series.  This summer, we’ll be revisiting Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Specifics can be found here.

If this beckons, join me this summer, at the beach (or by phone) Mondays for some Big Magic personal conversing and connecting.  Here’s a print-and-share card to invite a friend.

It’s a good time to check your calendar and save the dates.  – Anne


Hello beautiful ones.  Happy Monday.

Our Tuesday night ‘Big Magic’ book group / Goddess call this week is on Permission.  Who’s permission do you need to follow your dream?  to create?  to speak?  write? to believe in Big Magic within and around you?  I’m looking forward to an inspiring and uplifting time.  You’ll want to read ‘Big Magic’  Part III – Permission ahead of time.

No worries if you haven’t joined us on the first two; each part has plenty to engage and restore our creative corners, critics, and concerns.  Creative living beyond fear the cover says.   There are always wise words to be shared–both from our author and each one of us on the call.

Welcome.  We meet by phone, Tuesday nights at 8:10 pm (Central).  Our book is a backdrop to whatever wants to find its voice.

If you’re a member, you already have your call-in details.  If you’d like a guest pass for this series, ask me by email or message.



6-week ‘Big Magic’ Series

big magicIt’s only right to start a new year with a new book, and one that inspires the heart and soul of writers and creatives like us!  So, my beautiful goddess friends, starting Tuesday evening, January 12, we’ll be talking about Big Magic in our weekly goddess calls.

I was gifted with a copy over the holidays and am so enjoying it…

Alongside Big Magic, I read and finished Julia Cameron’s Walking In THIS World, also.  Between the two of them, there is rich, wonderful material to feed an artist’s or writer’s or musician’s–or any other creative’s–spirit and work.  It takes courage to say yes to a gift, a calling and do what we do…which is the first section we’ll talking about in Big Magic.

These community calls connect us to each other; the books fuel our spirits and minds.  There is something so good about sharing this weekly time together, in real-time conversations.  The book is a backdrop, a starting place; the rest falls into place.  It is magical sometimes…

Calls start at 8:10 pm. (Central).   Hope you can make it!

Looking forward to Tuesday night’s call.  Big Magic is in the air.

PS  Tuesday night goddess calls are included in your Everyday Goddess Community membership.


What seems Real

A story of a young girl’s first experience of a 3D movie:

What she saw scared her, sending her bucket of popcorn and giant beverage flying as she screamed and fled terrified, out of the theater.  She reacted with all the intensity of her young self because it felt real, as if it was real–instead of an illusion created by a different pair of glasses she was wearing…

It felt real!  It was real enough that it tapped into her fears–just as it was intended to.  It was a spontaneous, powerful reaction.

Our minds and vision are extremely powerful features we come with.  What we see and feel and perceive–through whatever lenses we are looking through–causes us to react-even when it’s only an illusion... not real…

What if, instead of Fear lenses, we put those lenses to much higher use:

What if lenses are LOVE lenses?  Or desire?  Or delight? Or wonderful feel-good lenses, instead, that tapped our creating and passion? What if we surrounded ourselves with breathtaking beauty?  And what if we could also generate powerful reactions of that corresponding kind! …

We can… This is an important concept …  that perhaps we are all more significant creators of what we see and experience than we thought?

What we SEE has such an impact.  The lenses we look through make whatever we see, look and feel real … and we respond as if it IS real

There is much we are still learning about ourselves creators, as souls, as embodied spirits, living a physical life experience.

Religion and science are sisters in their revelations to us.  Indeed, science was once a ‘branch’ of religion…  and they’ve had their differences.  As time evolves, however, they are growing closer again.  Spirituality is evolving; Science is evolving; WE are evolving.  Our souls are expanding… bringing new god / goddess questions with them.  And there are callings inside each of us, that we’re born with… coming to life.

Spiritual awakenings have side-affects.  Like a moth outgrowing its cocoon….There is no fitting back in where you grew out of…  Wings are a different experience….

I have been through this process … and continue its amazing journey.  … and lighten the way for others.

For now, I’ll leave you with a beautiful gift…  (Listen, take notes, and bring them along next month…  This is powerful and wonderful journey fuel…)

Blessings and much love.  I am here … for you and with you…  – Anne

Book Group, Technology Share this week

Hello goddesses,

Tuesday night Book Group Call:  We’re finishing up end parts of Chapter 1 (beg. p 18, The Sacred Feminine) and Chapter 2 (beg. p 35, Optimism and Pleasure)  instead of moving on to Chapter 3–Group decided to catch parts we missed instead of moving on…  Love this group!  Goddesses play with possibilities.

3rd Friday Technology Share is this week also.  Friday afternoon, 1-3 pm .  Let me know by Wednesday evening (Oct 14), if you plan on joining me Friday.

For more about Tuesday Goddess Calls and 3rd Friday Technology Shares click here.

Beauty isThank you for being part of this community of wonderful warm, wise women goddesses.  You are truly blessed, beautiful spirits, and much loved and appreciated…

Have a delightful week. – Anne

Goddesses Know the Power of Pleasure

Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.  – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Good morning, goddess,

Pleasure is our focus this week  on our Goddess Never Age call.   Women are not often encouraged to speak boldly of pleasure, much less appreciate such earthiness as a powerful, vital element in our vibrant living, creativity, and passion …  This week* explores all of that.

One of my pleasures in this series is being with and sharing with goddesses Kathy and Michelle.  We have coast-to-coast represented, and what delightful connecting and conversing!  Yes, we welcome other goddesses to call in and join us.  Second-half living has such depth, wisdom and richness to share.

*MONDAY evening call October 5:  Also, ur “Goddesses Never Age” Conference Call Group will be on MONDAY Evening, (8:05 PM Central), instead of Tuesday, for this one.

Tap in, join, explore the power of pleasure to total health, wellness, and happiness… the art and soul of living well in our time.  … and a positively good read.

OCTOBER SPECIAL – My Love-Your-Life Lessons and Life-Wisdom from the WonderSpirit Collection resources will be INCLUDED with all new Everyday Goddess Community memberships. in addition to regular benefits…including Tuesday night Conference Call reading group.  Women need other women …inspiring, empowering, relating, growing.

In other words, if you like what you see here, now is a really good time to join and tap in.  Grow, celebrate being a feminine spirit, a goddess, finding her voice and courage, changing and becoming more clear, called, confident, a second-half wise woman.  These are good.

In some Native American tribes, it was a counsel of wisewomen whose role was to advise tribal leaders before action was taken.  Their gift was vision–to see seven generations back, and seven generations forward….

Wisewomen sisters, our vision and voices — our words and art, our presence and influence, our deep love and compassion — are being called forward…  Every single one of us makes a difference.

Have a beautiful week, everyone.  Looking forward to meeting on Monday night’s call!  – Anne

joy art

en Joy

Some things work; others, not as planned

Hello Goddesses,  Some things we plan work; others, not so much… It’s all good…  all catalysts for creative flow and opportunity to grow.

When something doesn’t work as envisioned, something else opens in its place… something unscheduled, and now available to engage in, experience…

Tuesday afternoons …time wa already set aside for a ‘Goddesses Never Age’ series.  For whatever reasons, Tuesday afternoons had no sign-ups…leaving a block of open time …. and in its place today, an urgent message from a humane society I volunteer at in need of extra help this afternoon.  …

Logically, this has little to do with my work … and yet, apparently, this is where I’m needed in this afternoon’s opening.  Heading out in a few…

This evening’s our PHONE group will meet as planned. Register if you haven’t done so.  Message me for a copy of the reading / topic schedule if you’d like one.  Whatever place you start is perfect.  It’s a good read.

All good… enjoy those unplanned blessings, unscheduled openings…  – Anne


a path where life leads

Make it fun and Make it count

Life … this one.  Make it Fun and Make it Count…!  It’s good for our health, our heart and soul; and certainly for our energy, enthusiasm, and happiness!

So what’s stopping you from going for it?   What’s stopping us?Goddesses never age

Sure, somebody’s going to poo-poo that idea.  Many have a habit of complaining.  For some reason, they are also not celebrating or encouraging someone–a colleague, family member, friend, neighbor–who is smiling, full of energy and dreams, happy; Living life like they’re playing at creating it…and believing that anything is possible.

Comments like, ‘Get real.’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’ or other blockers come out of poo-pooing mouths.  And then there’s our marketing and media people who surround us with fears and scary things …  They think it sells more; I think it’s leading more of us to tune out (use our mute buttons and off switches) and tap in elsewhere that resonates better energy.

Our response?  Your response?  Mine?

Choose which life you want to live.…align your intentions, expectations, and beliefs with that life and those dreams!   And your actions.  Find supporting others who feed your spirit…and you, theirs:

Partner with a life coach.  And join me and other greatness-growing goddesses for Goddess Never Age, a personal renaissance series for women aligned with intentions of Making this life fun and Making a difference, and living well.  Goddesses Never Age starts September 22.  It’s a total wellness — spirit, mind, body, purpose — adventure into our self, our bodies, and into our be-ing-ness as women.

As a BONUS, I’m including a ‘Making Life Count’ workshop ($75 value) with it FREE…  Register / details here or call me.  (Best Value:  Community member goddesses get all of this included with their membership. $11 / $33 / $99, or $108)

We find what we’re looking for.   We get what we expect...and often beyond our wildest dreams.  Ask and it is given.  (great teachers across time and cultures, and lots of life experiences and stories…)

Choose which life you want to live!  Let’s choose joyously …. together…  – Anne 🙂

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