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Under the influence

We are always under the influence of what we're reading. From author Mary Pierce Brosmer...this morning. Yesterday I was compelled to get her book ....  We all know how that works. ... This time, I actually sat down and began reading--for most of the day yesterday, and more today.  Good stuff! I'm feeling inspired and… Continue reading Under the influence

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Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

Hello gorgeous goddesses! I am truly appreciating gathering-with-goddesses with goddess Leoni's  2015 Shiny Life and Biz Planner!  Saturday's was amazing. ... very personal soul sharing with soul sisters... we will do more of this new year weaving and playing together... Saturday ... when these 2015 creative goddess planner days continue - Jan 2 and 3… Continue reading Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

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Summer Beach Group starts Monday

Hello Goddesses! Beach Group begins Monday, June 16, at 9:30 am, Pewaukee Beach-- and this year, at 8:10 Thursday evenings by conference call line, also. We'll be talking about goddess archetypes this year--Goddesses in Everywoman and Goddesses in Older Women.  Prepared to be inspired as our reading provides a backdrop to conversations and connecting of… Continue reading Summer Beach Group starts Monday

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Summer Beach Series 2014

Hello goddesses! Summer Beach Group 2014 is only 2 months away... and I am looking forward with delightful anticipation!  This year, we'll be talking about GODDESSES--more specifically, Goddess Archetypes --- ones that are ACTIVE in women over Fifty... Wise Woman Archetypes to empower and inspire our purpose, passions, creative intentions, voices, and visions!  Together!! At… Continue reading Summer Beach Series 2014