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A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective

A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective  A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective
Perspective changes everything… Words are heard differently by women… especially women who understand or have experienced control-based patterns in language, acts, and systems.
I first heard of and met Patricia Lynn Reilly at a Bookstore author event in 1996… shortly after my own roar of awakening about perspective, words, control systems, and how women experience and hear  differently…  What is empowering to one, is not to another.
On that evening in 1996, Patricia spoke of  A God Who Looks Like Me.  I and another forty or so women listening that night were ready to hear, and to finally name a giant missing piece in their heritage… spiritually, socially, culturally missing and unrecognized.
A woman’s spirit and soul and life hold and resonate with a deeper wisdom.   Higher power is a separated expression of man…and it works for them.  Maybe not so much for woman…
The addiction for woman–underneath, and at the heart of, everything else–is disparaging self-talk, poor self-esteem, low self-worth.  Ours is a path, a soul journey, of reclaiming and growing our greatness–firmly rooted in and trusting our deeper wisdom.
More to come….   For now, visit Patricia’s store and purchase your own copy of A Deeper Wisdom: the Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective.   Here’s a taste:

Step 1
A Two-Fold Acknowledgment
As written: We admitted we were powerless over [whatever] and that our lives had
become unmanageable.
As rewritten: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I was not aware of the
resources available to transform them. I have reached out for support. This was a brave
action on my own behalf. I celebrate my courage.
I.  Original Power
Men and women bring different experiences to the concept of power.  For men to acknowledge their powerlessness means relinquishing the illusion of power and the experience of disconnection in which they have been saturated since childhood.  …. On the other hand, women have been admitting powerlessness most of their lives.  Our access to thrones, negotiating tables, board rooms, pulpits, and presidencies has been limited. Our position has been clear.  We are inferior and powerless.  Thus admission of powerlessness, as it has been defined by men, has not been woman-affirming.
A woman-affirming recovery encourages us to reclaim our original power.  Women affirm that it is possible to be both connected to others in community and to have power.  Women redefine power as the capacity to act on their own behalf, to author their own lives, to deal with whatever situation confronts them, and to gather resources necessary to heal into the present.  These capacities are fostered in community.  For men, the admission of powerlessness is essential in order to experience connection with others.  For many women, walking into their first therapy appointment, women’s support group, or recovery meeting is a powerful act on their own behalf.  (Patricia Lynn Reilly, A Deeper Wisdom)

Blessings, brilliance, and believe in your own deeper wisdom and grace.  – Anne

5 thoughts on “A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman's perspective

  1. Reblogged this on All Things Anne Wondra and commented:
    We are approaching International Women’s Month. Yes, a whole month celebrating the feminine spirit! Earlier this week, I shared a hidden treasure, an empowering, inspiring, pragmatic resource for women –A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective–from a wisewoman goddess who graced my life at exactly the right moment in 1996…Patricia Lynn Reilly. If you ask, I am very open to hosting ‘A Deeper Wisdom Wednesday’ group around this.
    It would not focus on traditional addictions; rather, focus would be on restoring / re-story-ing self-worth, -esteem, – confidence in ourselves… ‘respectful distancing’ is part of this resource, too. Good stuff. Perspective changes everything.
    Ask…. and A deeper wisdom Wednesdays will begin… – Anne 🙂

  2. I’m trying to locate this book but can’t seem to find a copy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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