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A writer’s story

I’m not sure how many of you know this about me, but I am a writer beyond my blog. Besides the occasional blessing of writing for Bella Grace, and the baby book I have published, I have fourteen finished manuscripts just waiting in the wings. Yup. Fourteen! Picture books, a middle grade novel, and three-fourths […]

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Summer Beach Group 2016

IMAGINE MONDAY MORNINGS for reading, writing, and meaningful conversing with women like yourself who are changing and growing, in all kinds of ways …

SUMMER is a perfect time … and the setting is heavenly!

The inspiration came over coffee one morning at a favorite beach-side coffee shop…four years ago…  And every year since, women have gathered by the water; and deeper words and wisdom have been shared.  It’s a beautiful thing.

2016 will be our 5th Annual Summer Beach Group Series.  This summer, we’ll be revisiting Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Specifics can be found here.

If this beckons, join me this summer, at the beach (or by phone) Mondays for some Big Magic personal conversing and connecting.  Here’s a print-and-share card to invite a friend.

It’s a good time to check your calendar and save the dates.  – Anne


Hello beautiful ones.  Happy Monday.

Our Tuesday night ‘Big Magic’ book group / Goddess call this week is on Permission.  Who’s permission do you need to follow your dream?  to create?  to speak?  write? to believe in Big Magic within and around you?  I’m looking forward to an inspiring and uplifting time.  You’ll want to read ‘Big Magic’  Part III – Permission ahead of time.

No worries if you haven’t joined us on the first two; each part has plenty to engage and restore our creative corners, critics, and concerns.  Creative living beyond fear the cover says.   There are always wise words to be shared–both from our author and each one of us on the call.

Welcome.  We meet by phone, Tuesday nights at 8:10 pm (Central).  Our book is a backdrop to whatever wants to find its voice.

If you’re a member, you already have your call-in details.  If you’d like a guest pass for this series, ask me by email or message.



A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman’s perspective

A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective  A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective

Perspective changes everything… Words are heard differently by women… especially women who understand or have experienced control-based patterns in language, acts, and systems.

I first heard of and met Patricia Lynn Reilly at a Bookstore author event in 1996… shortly after my own roar of awakening about perspective, words, control systems, and how women experience and hear  differently…  What is empowering to one, is not to another.

On that evening in 1996, Patricia spoke of  A God Who Looks Like Me.  I and another forty or so women listening that night were ready to hear, and to finally name a giant missing piece in their heritage… spiritually, socially, culturally missing and unrecognized.

A woman’s spirit and soul and life hold and resonate with a deeper wisdom.   Higher power is a separated expression of man…and it works for them.  Maybe not so much for woman…

The addiction for woman–underneath, and at the heart of, everything else–is disparaging self-talk, poor self-esteem, low self-worth.  Ours is a path, a soul journey, of reclaiming and growing our greatness–firmly rooted in and trusting our deeper wisdom.

More to come….   For now, visit Patricia’s store and purchase your own copy of A Deeper Wisdom: the Twelve Steps from a Woman’s Perspective.   Here’s a taste:

Step 1
A Two-Fold Acknowledgment
As written: We admitted we were powerless over [whatever] and that our lives had
become unmanageable.

As rewritten: Caught in the swirl of my habits of behavior, I was not aware of the
resources available to transform them. I have reached out for support. This was a brave
action on my own behalf. I celebrate my courage.

I.  Original Power

Men and women bring different experiences to the concept of power.  For men to acknowledge their powerlessness means relinquishing the illusion of power and the experience of disconnection in which they have been saturated since childhood.  …. On the other hand, women have been admitting powerlessness most of their lives.  Our access to thrones, negotiating tables, board rooms, pulpits, and presidencies has been limited. Our position has been clear.  We are inferior and powerless.  Thus admission of powerlessness, as it has been defined by men, has not been woman-affirming.

A woman-affirming recovery encourages us to reclaim our original power.  Women affirm that it is possible to be both connected to others in community and to have power.  Women redefine power as the capacity to act on their own behalf, to author their own lives, to deal with whatever situation confronts them, and to gather resources necessary to heal into the present.  These capacities are fostered in community.  For men, the admission of powerlessness is essential in order to experience connection with others.  For many women, walking into their first therapy appointment, women’s support group, or recovery meeting is a powerful act on their own behalf.  (Patricia Lynn Reilly, A Deeper Wisdom)

Blessings, brilliance, and believe in your own deeper wisdom and grace.  – Anne




Under the influence

We are always under the influence of what we’re reading.

From author Mary Pierce Brosmer…this morning.

Yesterday I was compelled to get her book ….  We all know how that works. … This time, I actually sat down and began reading–for most of the day yesterday, and more today.  Women Writing for (a) ChangeGood stuff!

I’m feeling inspired and re-energized and reminded again that I’m passionate about women writers and gathering women to read together and share their stories–find their voices and courage–and re-story and transform and free so many confined places inside.  The book is Women Writing for (a) Change … wonderful stuff … so blessed with a space where women gather.



Traveling at the Speed of Love by Sonia Choquette

Traveling at the Speed of LoveLiking and just finishing this one.  Flight and travel terms (i.e. ‘baggage’ … and do not to be carrying somebody else’s) and how to be living from our heart and spirit instead of traditional business and ‘how-things-work-in-the-real-world’ –that don’t for us.  Energy sensitives and our feminine spirits don’t work this way.  We have inner resources to tap–this is a how-to book for some of that.  And we know we feel best when we are in harmony with our surroundings and work and people around us.

Traveling-at-the-Speed-of-Love Tuesday nights Personal Renaissance Calls will switch to this resource starting Tuesday, February 17.  … Now included with your Everyday Goddess Community membershipsRSVP.


5 love languages5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a third book I’m reading right now.  Not usually what I pick up–except that it beckoned–several times.  So I picked it up and started reading in the aisle–and then gifted it to my husband.

No, not as a hint!  Michael is a Science of Happiness teacher through Hapacus.  And one of their and his special interest areas, is relationships.  Anything ‘brain-science-related’ he’s drawn to, he reads and takes notes on–and this looked like something he’d find interesting…  He did–and then said I needed to read it so we could talk!  From the parts I’ve read so far, it’s fascinating and great significant-other material to share and talk about.

Here’s to February and love and Happy Valentine’s Day … and writing and traveling at the speed of love.

What are you reading and under the influence of?




Leaning-in soul fuel 2015

Hello gorgeous goddesses!

I am truly appreciating gathering-with-goddesses with goddess Leoni’s  2015 Shiny Life and Biz Planner!  Saturday’s was amazing. … very personal soul sharing with soul sisters… we will do more of this new year weaving and playing together…550x381_V2 Saturday …

when these 2015 creative goddess planner days continue – Jan 2 and 3 …  Join me, or for sure download your own Shiny Life or Biz Planner and PLAYfully create, imagine, delight…  Completely fill-able on your tablet or computer, or print it!

Caution, some are not ready for such a playful, colorful, art-spirit-and-wisdom-infused approach to life and biz planning.  This is not your corporate 3-piece-suit, spreadsheets and bullet-points tool.  Creative, artful, personal quiet time is uncomfortable for some…  All good; we all have preferences.

If you are though, and a soothing space to work in company with others, gather thoughts, write and imagine sounds heavenly, give yourself this delightful gift!  And write it off as a biz expense if you want, too; there is solid biz sense in these pages….

Traveling at the Speed of Love.  … is another leaning-in, soul-fuel, spirit-feeding resource for 20Traveling at the Speed of Love15 transforming, emerging, awakening goddesses and spirit-energy-conscious life travelersWe know we are in new times.

Flowing with this co-creative energy is what 2015 is calling forth, compelling from us.  Co-creating ourselves, together, with others; no more hiding out who we are…  We get it… or are starting to.

Something BIG, profoundly personal, shook up our deepest parts these past few years–for one purpose: to awaken our souls and propel us to see life differently; to understand more about who we are–beautiful and powerful souls–here do good and great things, work from within with our name on it!  No more hiding…  And we know it…  soul work…and private lessons, people.   Perfect for growing, delighting, our souls…   Traveling at the Speed of Love is supporting fuel…

Getting Into the Vortex Guided Meditations … and music to rest in and remind us …  And maybe short notes in your inbox each day or week.  Lot’s of sources.  Find ones that inspire and feed your spirit.  These are some of mine…  There are many more.  For now, begin somewhere.

Lean into this new year; feed and fuel your soul, mind, body, spirit with inspiring, heart-delighting, personally affirming and empowering, life-energizing food.

And maybe add coming together with co-creative sister goddesses to your soul-fueling-and-spirit-supporting practices this new year.

All cooperative components are being assembled.  – Abraham

The vehicle that takes us where we want to go is not always our own.  – Anne Wondra

Much love, Blessing, happiness, and wonderful co-creating and soul-satisfying connecting magic and joy to each of you.  We have great work to do together… – Anne

Faces of Women over Fifty

Beach Group this year takes a look at being an older woman, a woman over fifty.  As we gather and discuss archetype images, cultural images, and our own feelings and fears about being considered an older woman, a part of us finds it hard to believe we’ve really been around that long.  As one goddess remarked, “I may be getting older, but I refuse to grow up.”

Inside, there’s still a playful spirit very much alive.  And there’s a growing sense that we are in our power years….Grandmothers, wisewomen, elders, seasoned and skilled in Life’s schools.

For others, there is apprehension of getting older.  We notice shifts in our interests and perceptions.  Indeed, author Jean Shinoda Bolen wrote Goddesses in Older Women because she saw and felt those shifts in herself–expanding her understanding of Goddess in Everywoman she had written of earlier.

Her original volume was not intended as a spiritual text.  She’s a medical doctor, a Jungian analyst, and a scholar.  She wrote to help women understand themselves; and archetypes provided a vehicle to connect all the worlds she knew…including those of the women who showed up in private practice.  It was later she met the Great Mother goddess and the spiritual element of these ancient archetype images.

It was in Monday’s conversation that a need surfaced–and an assignment.  We need images of  women over fifty for ourselves, role models, women we admire who are (or were) vibrant, passionate, alive, fulfilled, beautiful, and any other attributes we need to envision for ourselves.  I call it creating a ‘Wall of Inspiration, ‘ even if it’s an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Women have never lived in a time like this before.  We need visuals, faces of older women; role models of inspiration; and we need each other.  We are in our power years…together…and it good.  We are needed. Here are some wisewomen goddesses that have inspired me.  IreneCara kathy- 8-2013 SMT photo Starhawk2 SueMonkKidd GloriaSteinem Hillary Jean_wMic2 JKRowling Oprah3 Cher CarolynMyss CarolGilligan CaroleKing CarleySimon2 AlexandraStoddard

Beach Group is open to those who want to tap in.  It doesn’t matter if you come in the middle or miss one.  It’s summer…  We meet Monday mornings in person, and Thursday evenings by phone.  Whether you tap into Beach Group or  not, create your own ‘Wall of Inspiration.’  Have fun and be inspired!

Blessings – Anne




Her name is Wisdom

She is intuitive, mystical, knowing…sophia.dll_1

Wisdom is a woman, a crone, a goddess, and a feminine archetype.  In Greek mythology, she is a barely personified Metis, swallowed by Zeus.  In the Bible, she is a hidden Sophia, the goddess who became an abstract and ungendered concept.  Wisdom may be found at twilight where the three roads meet as Hecate, or in the hearth fire as Hestia.  She may be the invisible Shekinah who enters the Jewish home for the meal that begins the Sabbath.  She was once the Celtic goddess Cerridwen.  She is Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of wisdom, and Erda in Richard Wagner’s Ring of the Nibelung.  In the world’s mythologies and in the collective unconscious, which are mirrors of each other, wisdom is feminine.  Wisdom is usually an attribute of a goddess who is often not seen or personified, and an attribute of a woman in whom wisdom has become a conscious part of her psyche.

The archetype of the wisewomen … is a generic description for the inner development of soul qualities most associated with the third phase of women’s lives.  – Jean Shinoda Bolen, Goddesses in Older Women

Women gathered again this morning, wisewomen and goddesses, women who desire to grow, to explore this inner soul qualities as women, to engage in fascinating dialogs…wherever they take them.  One can still be part of this summer’s beach group–Monday mornings here, and Thursday evenings.

This is rich material for women of depth.  Welcome.


Summer Beach Group starts Monday

Hello Goddesses!cropped-20140421_100210-sm.jpg

Beach Group begins Monday, June 16, at 9:30 am, Pewaukee Beach– and this year, at 8:10 Thursday evenings by conference call line, also.

We’ll be talking about goddess archetypes this year–Goddesses in Everywoman and Goddesses in Older Women.  Prepared to be inspired as our reading provides a backdrop to conversations and connecting of great women.

Our author, Jean Shinoda Bolen, is both an M.D. and a Jungian analyst, and uniquely suited to connect complex pieces of women’s lives in a way that draws out our best.  I have a feeling we’re in for another phenomenal summer series.


What if I can’t make all seven?  No worries.  Come to the ones you can.  (It is summer, after all.)  Weekly schedule has pages we’ll be covering, so you can jump right in.

Is it okay to call in to the Thursday phone group if I can’t make Monday?  Absolutely!  Information is included on the reading schedule sheet.

Can I invite friends?  Yes, it happens often.

Which book?  Choose the one you’re drawn to. Goddesses in everywoman

Where can I find the book?  Libraries, book stores, Half-Price Books, Good Will or anywhere you ‘happen’ to find it.

Is there a cost?  I prefer exchange or sponsorship.  $10 a session or $60 for all seven.

Is there Coffee nearby?  Yes!  There’s a wonderful coffeehouse across the street from the beach.  I’ll have mine in hand when we meet.

How do I Sign-up?  Options; a woman always wants options.  There’s a ‘Buy Now’ link for those who want to register online.  Others have simply dropped me a note to say they’ll be there.  All good.

I think I got everything. If not, just ask.  See you soon!  – Anne

Goddesses in older women

Women’s Beach Book Group starts June 16

Hello goddesses!writing with a view 2

Are you ready to gather at the beach again this year?  I am!

I have so LOVED these past several years of gathering women by the water for much more than a book group. Our book, you see, is only a backdrop.  Our book is chosen to allow soulful women a time and open space to talk about uncommon things–or maybe common things from a very uncommon, spirit-lifting, soul-feeding perspective–and meet other amazing women in the process.

Wonderful friendships have been started and continued and taken their own journey.  I have found that those who come to my circles are meant to meet one another…for reasons way beyond their knowing at the time.  So magical and profound, and I love it!

This year, we’ll be exploring goddess archetypes, with Goddesses in Older Women by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and her Goddesses in Every Woman… for slightly younger women.  Both books cover the same archetypes; Goddesses in Older Women shows the ‘full-powered’ expression  in women who are in their ‘third phase of life.’  Choose the one YOU are Drawn to.

Beach Group begins Monday, June 16, this year, for seven weeks.  Same beach, same time!

NEW this year–because a lovely goddess said, “I want to be part of beach group too, only I live out of state and can’t do mornings”— a Thursday EVENING Conference Call Beach Group So my goddesses, I am excited to connect with more of you–on Thursday nights–and for YOU to connect with each other!  Thursday group starts June 19!

More info, how it works, book links, Sign up, etc. and I’ll see you soon!!

So looking forward these amazing gatherings!   – Anne  🙂