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Kim Hall – Curves of Courage

Everyday goddess, woman with a voice, Kim Hall, is a writer, life-traveler, friend and colleague, wellness coach, motivational speaker, and author of Curves of Courage.  Kim is a full-heart beautiful soul who uplifts and inspires everywhere she goes.  She loves life and making up quotes.  They naturally flow from her lips, along with a smile… Continue reading Kim Hall – Curves of Courage

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Summer Beach Group 2016

IMAGINE MONDAY MORNINGS for reading, writing, and meaningful conversing with women like yourself who are changing and growing, in all kinds of ways ... SUMMER is a perfect time ... and the setting is heavenly! The inspiration came over coffee one morning at a favorite beach-side coffee shop...four years ago...  And every year since, women… Continue reading Summer Beach Group 2016

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A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman’s perspective

  A Deeper Wisdom: The Twelve Steps from a Woman's Perspective Perspective changes everything... Words are heard differently by women... especially women who understand or have experienced control-based patterns in language, acts, and systems. I first heard of and met Patricia Lynn Reilly at a Bookstore author event in 1996... shortly after my own roar… Continue reading A Deeper Wisdom: Twelve steps from a woman’s perspective

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Under the influence

We are always under the influence of what we're reading. From author Mary Pierce Brosmer...this morning. Yesterday I was compelled to get her book ....  We all know how that works. ... This time, I actually sat down and began reading--for most of the day yesterday, and more today.  Good stuff! I'm feeling inspired and… Continue reading Under the influence