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Exploring our divinity…

our worth, and waaaayyyy more …

This content is deep and spiritual. It will stir dynamic exchanges, touch souls, and shift power centers, and awaken that light and passion of a goddess you are born to embody and be.

And this leadership, sensual-spiritual-feminine-soul scholarship and support resources, and well-seasoned, deepened, life empowering passionate presence of this course….And  twenty-some hours of live, in-person conversing together around a woman’s worth, well-being, who we really are, and where and how and what we desire to shine our radiance in service of.

That’s a lot, hugely valuable to a woman ready and willing to explore and own her soul, her life, her divinity, her brilliance and light, to see and reclaim her extraordinary worth and show up confidently aware and powerful wherever she walks this earth.

Sister goddesses, this is one powerful adventure you’re invited into–a life’s work of its author, and add to generously as this course continues.  This is a goddess-growing, soul-activating, powerful course.

Classes are $20 each.  (Will meet 9 times, about 2 hours each.)

See our Calendar for course dates and more details.

Anything’s possible.  You are of goddess origins.  Pleasure is your birthright. Your soul is aware and awakening.  You are radiant, brilliant light… power pulsates and takes form through you…

Goddess candle


What seems Real

A story of a young girl’s first experience of a 3D movie:

What she saw scared her, sending her bucket of popcorn and giant beverage flying as she screamed and fled terrified, out of the theater.  She reacted with all the intensity of her young self because it felt real, as if it was real–instead of an illusion created by a different pair of glasses she was wearing…

It felt real!  It was real enough that it tapped into her fears–just as it was intended to.  It was a spontaneous, powerful reaction.

Our minds and vision are extremely powerful features we come with.  What we see and feel and perceive–through whatever lenses we are looking through–causes us to react-even when it’s only an illusion... not real…

What if, instead of Fear lenses, we put those lenses to much higher use:

What if lenses are LOVE lenses?  Or desire?  Or delight? Or wonderful feel-good lenses, instead, that tapped our creating and passion? What if we surrounded ourselves with breathtaking beauty?  And what if we could also generate powerful reactions of that corresponding kind! …

We can… This is an important concept …  that perhaps we are all more significant creators of what we see and experience than we thought?

What we SEE has such an impact.  The lenses we look through make whatever we see, look and feel real … and we respond as if it IS real

There is much we are still learning about ourselves creators, as souls, as embodied spirits, living a physical life experience.

Religion and science are sisters in their revelations to us.  Indeed, science was once a ‘branch’ of religion…  and they’ve had their differences.  As time evolves, however, they are growing closer again.  Spirituality is evolving; Science is evolving; WE are evolving.  Our souls are expanding… bringing new god / goddess questions with them.  And there are callings inside each of us, that we’re born with… coming to life.

Spiritual awakenings have side-affects.  Like a moth outgrowing its cocoon….There is no fitting back in where you grew out of…  Wings are a different experience….

I have been through this process … and continue its amazing journey.  … and lighten the way for others.

For now, I’ll leave you with a beautiful gift…  (Listen, take notes, and bring them along next month…  This is powerful and wonderful journey fuel…)

Blessings and much love.  I am here … for you and with you…  – Anne

‘Red’ – A deeply Personal and Powerful Spirituality of Women

We start tomorrow morning, a Red Hot & Holy book / reading / and let-the-conversations-go-where-they-need-to reading wisewoman series for grown-up girls.  I’m excited!  I know some of the women coming. Amazing, inspiring, coming-into-their-power goddesses and wisewomen.  Met one yesterday by chance; so love this woman and her energy!

I welcome this book and women and the soul places it dares to open and lift us through.  Here’s a taste:

“Greek philosopher Plato (400s BCE) described two types of love in his work: agape (abstract, impartial love) and eros (desiring love).  Over the years, many Christian theologians decided agape love was the most “spiritual” type of love.  Erotic love, on the other hand, was viewed as uncontrollable, dangerous, fleshy, and even sinful.  It therefore was often dismissed as being a viable way to experience and express God.  While eros is an unrelenting force of Divine Love that includes sex and sexual desire (though sex and sexual desire do not always include eros), it is also so much more than sticky sheets and scratchy yearnings.  Feminist writer Audre Lorde describes eros as:

The personification of love in all its aspects–born of Chaos, and personifying creative power and harmony.  When I speak of the erotic, then, I speak of it as a assertion of the lifeforce of women; of that creative energy empowered, the knowledge and use of which we are now reclaiming in our language, our history, our dancing, our work, our lives.”

Now that’s powerfully and personally spiritual, and divinely feminine.  This book is full of stuff like this.  If you take in this one, you’ll be in for a spiritual-literacy of-women course like no other…  This is what I do!

I’m at Starbucks as I write this.  Red is showing up all around me: Red sweater across from me; Two Red coats next to her; red cups, red shoes, red displays …  All subtle confirmings, preparing and delighting me for these sacred, feminine-energy-of-Red gatherings of powerfully spiritual women.

Welcome.   – Anne 🙂


Women Re-story-ing their Spirituality

20141121_110700What religion repressed and good catholic girls missed….

There comes a time in a catholic girl’s life when her innate sense of fairness, justice, and equality about her gender is awakened.  Or was that just for this wave of us coming of age in the 60’s and 70’s, 80’s and 90’s?

For many, what we heard in the pews–and didn’t hear from the pulpit–took our feet, intelligence, spirit, wisdom, energy, and passions in search of something much more feminine to feed our soul.  It was a matter of life and death to our spirit and self-being.  At least, it was to mine.

When you can’t go forward and you can’t go backward and you can’t stay where you are without killing off something vital, you are on the edge of creation.  – Sue Monk Kidd

I was on that edge … and I searched and studied….  And I thank those women of courage and spirit before me, who faced that edge sooner and created transforming feminine soul-food my spirit and life needed…

Next Monday, I open a circle and sacred space here for other catholic–or formerly catholic–women on a journey of re-story-ing their spirituality–as a woman of spirit.  The title is a bit risque; the substance, however, offers striking conversation possibilities…which is why I like it!   More and register here.

Given timing, and also that eBooks have a wonderful feature showing most frequently highlighted parts, I’d  encourage a Kindle download (reader is free and can be on your computer or phone or both, in addition to Kindle).  If you’re drawn, join me.  My only intention is to help you as others helped me.

Oh, and the author of Red Hot and Holy also has a catholic background, and is another spiritual scholar.  She was led to study too.

Get your book / eBook now and see you on Monday!  Register here.

Anne 🙂

the Spirit of a goddess

20140409_170344-1Hello beautiful goddesses!

Tomorrow night will be our 2nd Thursday Muse and Magnificence call for April.  Our topic will be the Spirit of a goddess.

Above all things, we value freedom and options and flexibility.  Black and white were always much too limiting, restrictive to the soul and spirit–and life–of women…and certainly, to a goddess.

Spirit freedom, a Seeker’s Toolkit, bridges across and beyond religion’s chaos and confines… all ways to empower and celebrate and free and grow the amazing spirit and beauty, grace and giftedness, and success of everyday goddesses.

Tomorrow night, I’ll share clips from an empowering original blessing tool, to free the spirit of any goddesses who might be tied to beliefs that restrict her wings.

Call is complimentary to EDGC members.

For those who prefer a private and deeper ‘spirit of a goddess’ session with me, schedule a 90-minute soul seeker session soon.

Blessings.  Meet you on the call.  – Anne


Goddess re-emergence

Hello beautiful Goddesses!

Today’s post was written and published in 1993, twenty years ago, when I was in the midst of my personal goddess-spirit awakening.  I came across it while gathering materials for a sister-goddess naming celebration ceremony.  It could have been written now, for today’s emerging everyday-goddess women of spirit.

The re-emergence of the Goddess.  The Goddess movement.  Women’s spirituality. … Connection with the divine feminine within, celebrating, as we say, the Goddess in every woman.  In less than twenty years, we have gone from a few esoteric books on Wicca and archeological or mythological treatises on goddesses (small “g”) to perhaps hundreds of books on every aspect of women’s spiritual quest. …

Much has been written about the phenomenon of women’s spirituality, why the Great Goddess is returning now.  …

And just what is this belief system we call the Goddess?  For me, one of the most important elements of Goddess spirituality and Neo-paganism was the lack of dogma.  The Goddess has 10,000 names (at last count!) and as many aspects as there are women to embody her.  As Joseph Campbell says, “Revelations of the Great Goddess, Mother of the universe and of us all, teach compassion for all living beings.” My dream for the Goddess movement–and what I tried to foster in the pages of Sage Woman–is a forum for the differing beliefs of all women who have opened their hearts to the Great Goddess.  Through an open and compassionate sharing of spiritual experience, we can come to see that the heart of our sister is not that different from our own heart.   And as Campbell continues, “There you come to appreciate the real sanctity of the Earth itself, because it is the body of the Goddess.  … the Goddess is within as well as without.  Your body is Her body…”

… the symbolism of the Triple Goddess: the Maiden, Mother and Crone.  The Maiden aspect of the Goddess is represented by Empowerment, as we begin to realize just how the Goddess manifests in each of us.  Trying our wings, we seek tools, techniques and experiences that will help us tap in the source of Goddess-power the Maiden gives.  The Mother aspect of the Goddess is here represented by Community, gathering together to share Her love.  Working with others, moving out into the real world to work our magic.  The Crone brings Deepening, as we study the Goddess in her infinite forms, learn to draw out Her wisdom from deep inside.  From empowerment to community to deepening, the circle is never broken.

The ways of women are steeped in mystery, but one thing is very clear. … We connect with each other.  We are aware of the web of energy that ties all life together, weaving a pattern of interdependence and mutual respect that is the true vision of Women’s Spirituality. …   – Lunaea WeatherstoneThe Sage Woman Cauldron: A Collection from our First Five Years

Sophia by artist Pamela Matthews

Sophia – Goddess of Wisdom by artist Pamela Matthews

WonderSpirit, Celebrating the feminine Spirit...  Seeing and living life and business (our creative and soul work) and ourselves and our world from a place of wonder and awe and infused with divine feminine sacredness….  All things WonderSpirit are inclusive, womanspirit affirming; from the voices of women — music, art, words, inspiration, books, circles, surroundings, spirit work, wisdom, writing.  Kindred spirits gather here … for spirit-feeding (freeing), soul deepening, community, and tools to tap and affirm our wholeness, and sacredness of our BEing.  Tap In…

I AM a Woman created in the Image and likeness of God the Goddess, Mother of All Living, the Spirit and Breath of Life;

I AM an Adult Daughter, Trusted and Empowered to  make choices and Make a Difference …  – Anne Wondra

Who do you think YOU are?  I’ll share…

Because once we answer that deep question from a place in our divine sacred feminine spirit core, we have tapped into something inspiringly powerful and profound!

Blessings and shine bright!   – Anne

Monday class change

Hello Goddesses,

Due to Monday’s frigid forecast here in Wisconsin, MONDAY’S Bridges CLASS, JANUARY 6, will be held via LIVE TELEPHONE CONFERENCE instead.  (Call-in details included in materials received at Registration, or call me.)

Stay warm.  – Anne

PS.  Monday night’s session is especially powerful for woman’s spiritual renaissance and renewal. To discover, include, add a Sacred Feminine, divine imagery in our awareness, and uncover Her primordial presence and Wisdom, our spiritual perspective is expanded and opened, empowered and deepened…. a journey for me that began on another January 6–feast of the Epiphany–and it was… In the Beginning

Opportunity has opened, and I’m going with its flow fluid fecundity–all of those feminine words. Register here today if you’d like to be part of this inspired, nature-prompted gathering… or schedule another time with me privately.

Blessings JOY and Sparkling light – Anne

Awakening the Sacred Feminine

We are in a spiritual revolution–in the hearts and souls of women, and in men.  The Sacred Feminine; goddess energy–the powerful energy of pure, positive, compassion, connecting, healing love–and also of restorative justice, is emerging.

Most of us went to religion class as kids.  And for many, it seemed to have nothing to do with our real, everyday life. Somewhere we missed the part that just like every other area of our lives, we would grow, evolve…and that these lessons we were learning might be good for now…and would need to be revisited and expanded on later, in view of different life lenses.2012-03-16-12-48-44.jpg

The different life lenses for little girls began in those grade-school classes.  The story of Eve would forever change how we, girls…women…our female gender…and all things feminine…were perceived by ourselves; and how social structures would perceive and treat and value all things female and feminine.

Immediately, there’s something in our being that feels the injustice.  … except we learn to adapt, to be good little girls, to be liked…because, we’re told,  God made it that way….

Only years later will a powerful enough catalyst come–around the age of 39 for most women–to rock our spiritual world–and all other systems and relationships connected to that set of beliefs and perspectives.

Only then will we dare to search and find that which will feed and grow our feminine spirit an soul. The work of the Feminine is great.  The Feminine is the heart and soul of the world.  The Feminine is Spirit, and all things spiritual.

Dragonfly MedicineBecoming RealAwakening the Feminine — Freeing the Sacred Feminine, feeding our souls, empowering our spirits and lives.  Restoring the sacredness and worth of ourselves and all things feminine and female.  Everyone in this lifetime is being called to evolve.  Whatever catalyst it takes, we will get.  Our souls are awakening.  Amazing women are gathering, connecting, inspiring, emerging.  Enrollments are open; tap in to the energy of creation.



Women and Girl’s Spirituality Saturday

Becoming a Goddess of Inner PoiseThe Spirituality of Women and Girls in Chick lit, Life and Religion…

Hello beautiful everyday goddesses!

The very event of our birth in female bodies changes and influences everything about how we see and experience what is spiritual in our lives…and how we perceive religion and the teachings and words that come from their texts and teachers.

And in the end, each one of us is on our personal quest... to find and connect with the Sacred in a way that’s meaningful to our life… and to experience and define spiritual for ourselves.  I had to; and I wasn’t alone.

Women’s studies and feminine theology found a place in college curriculum.  And I was fortunate to benefit–as a single, young professional in her 30s, much more aware–and reading, even between the lines, and soaking in everything.  A different lens sharpens focus, and mine was.  It was the women writing about women’s spirituality I was especially drawn to.

The female soul is no small thing.  Neither is a woman’s right to define the Sacred from a woman’s perspective. – Sue Monk Kidd

That was my journey and my generation’s contribution to those behind us.  Today’s women and girls are searching for and navigating their own path to experience spirituality and meaning.  And there are writers of their generation making sacred feminine art and writing FUN and creative texts, like Becoming a Goddess of Inner Poise and The Girl God.  … because, you see, everyday goddess women like us, have expanded the definition of spiritual experiences.  Yes!!  Full ColorLIFE Engaged!  🙂

Anybody ELSE want to TALK about this stuff?!  I DO!

I have a wonderful, living room style space and an open Saturday.  No agenda other than to hold sacred space and allow the conversations among women and girls, and be a guide and resource where I can…connecting, assisting across generations.  I have a niece now….growing into a young woman.  I need these conversations for me, too.  I have room for eight everyday goddesses.  Join me…

Women’s Spirituality SATURDAY  | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm | February 16, 2013 | Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha

Conversations about women and girls’ religion and spirituality– today … and the spirit of the goddess …from a soul and wellness, life experience, women’s studies and feminine wisdom and theology perspective.  What empowers and frees our deepest parts?  You?  Where and how do women and girls, you, find and define the spiritual today?  Conversations will go where those gathered need to take them.  My desire is that you’ll feed and celebrate your divine, inner goddess, pink and purple, spiritual path, find answers… and different questions, share resources and stories.  Please purchase, download, and BRING BOTH the “Spirit and Meaning” AND “the Divine Feminine”class resource packets at    They contain pieces that powered me, and that I pass on with love and blessing.  FREE WILL DONATION at the door for this delightfully different Woman’s Spirit, Soul and Wellness Saturday conversation and connection session.  Please RSVP that you’re coming.  Thank you!!

Oh, and if being here is not possible–life time and distance logistics and all–get the materials and gather with a girlfriend for an evening or afternoon of soul sister sharing.  Lots of conversation material to start off with and expand on.

There’s that thing about “Ask and it is given” too.  If these are something you want more of, ASK for what you’d love!

To loving our lives, feeling inspired and empowered, growing our greatness … and satisfying our Goddess of Inner Poise.  You ARE dancing your path, whether you know it or not, and it probably includes chocolate, music, and maybe a beach!

Love and light and delight!  – Anne

the Girl God