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Exploring our divinity…

our worth, and waaaayyyy more ... This content is deep and spiritual. It will stir dynamic exchanges, touch souls, and shift power centers, and awaken that light and passion of a goddess you are born to embody and be. And this leadership, sensual-spiritual-feminine-soul scholarship and support resources, and well-seasoned, deepened, life empowering passionate presence of… Continue reading Exploring our divinity…

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‘Red’ – A deeply Personal and Powerful Spirituality of Women

We start tomorrow morning, a Red Hot & Holy book / reading / and let-the-conversations-go-where-they-need-to reading wisewoman series for grown-up girls.  I'm excited!  I know some of the women coming. Amazing, inspiring, coming-into-their-power goddesses and wisewomen.  Met one yesterday by chance; so love this woman and her energy! I welcome this book and women and… Continue reading ‘Red’ – A deeply Personal and Powerful Spirituality of Women

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Women Re-story-ing their Spirituality

What religion repressed and good catholic girls missed.... There comes a time in a catholic girl's life when her innate sense of fairness, justice, and equality about her gender is awakened.  Or was that just for this wave of us coming of age in the 60's and 70's, 80's and 90's? For many, what we… Continue reading Women Re-story-ing their Spirituality

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Goddess re-emergence

Hello beautiful Goddesses! Today's post was written and published in 1993, twenty years ago, when I was in the midst of my personal goddess-spirit awakening.  I came across it while gathering materials for a sister-goddess naming celebration ceremony.  It could have been written now, for today's emerging everyday-goddess women of spirit. The re-emergence of the… Continue reading Goddess re-emergence

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Monday class change

Hello Goddesses, Due to Monday's frigid forecast here in Wisconsin, MONDAY'S Bridges CLASS, JANUARY 6, will be held via LIVE TELEPHONE CONFERENCE instead.  (Call-in details included in materials received at Registration, or call me.) Stay warm.  - Anne PS.  Monday night's session is especially powerful for woman's spiritual renaissance and renewal. To discover, include, add… Continue reading Monday class change