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The Virtue of Joy

The capacity to take pleasure in life is no less a virtue than any other.  Joy is not as simple as it appears.  There are those who, whether out of fear or judgment, so habitually resist the feeling that after a while they lose the knack of being pleased altogether.  Others, mistaking mastery for pleasure, prefer conquest to delight and never really taste the spoils of their efforts.  There is an art to enjoying life, to feeling desire and receiving what comes, to savoring every detail, down to the finest points, of each taste, sensation, or moment that happens by will or by chance to appear.  The experience requires a subtle courage.  Delight, jubilance, elation can throw you off  balance, upsetting the established order of the day ….  And because almost all forms of joy are fleeting, pleasure must eventually lead to loss, no matter how small–a loss that brings with it the certain knowledge that everything passes. – Susan Griffin, The Book of the Courtesans

Radiant ME! 2017 – embracing MY sacred feminine – a day of exploring this joy, pleasure, and radiance thing about us, goddesses.

Joy and pleasure, radiance; virtues worthy of exploring, expanding, owning.

Marianne Williamson once wrote that it was our light we feared more than our darkness.  On Sunday, April 23, YOUR lights are invited to PLAY and shine forth with four  goddess-led workshops and individual 1:1 time.  Hosted in an intimate peaceful setting, open to 12 goddesses ready to connect and play and shine their light.


For more details and to register, contact sister goddess Jenni at 262-364-8014.   Early bird registration through March 31, or until sold out.


We are so excited about this one; goddess sisters are taking a very special field trip together in prep for this….  more to share and more for you.   Printable Flyer (PDF)

Here’s to embracing our sacred virtues of joy, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, brilliance, and some a little more daring and delighting …

Embrace your Magnificence March

Magnificent March flyer   Spring Classes (details)

Magnificent March


Magnificent March flyer   Spring Classes (details)



Monday class change

Hello Goddesses,

Due to Monday’s frigid forecast here in Wisconsin, MONDAY’S Bridges CLASS, JANUARY 6, will be held via LIVE TELEPHONE CONFERENCE instead.  (Call-in details included in materials received at Registration, or call me.)

Stay warm.  – Anne

PS.  Monday night’s session is especially powerful for woman’s spiritual renaissance and renewal. To discover, include, add a Sacred Feminine, divine imagery in our awareness, and uncover Her primordial presence and Wisdom, our spiritual perspective is expanded and opened, empowered and deepened…. a journey for me that began on another January 6–feast of the Epiphany–and it was… In the Beginning

Opportunity has opened, and I’m going with its flow fluid fecundity–all of those feminine words. Register here today if you’d like to be part of this inspired, nature-prompted gathering… or schedule another time with me privately.

Blessings JOY and Sparkling light – Anne

Awakening the Sacred Feminine

We are in a spiritual revolution–in the hearts and souls of women, and in men.  The Sacred Feminine; goddess energy–the powerful energy of pure, positive, compassion, connecting, healing love–and also of restorative justice, is emerging.

Most of us went to religion class as kids.  And for many, it seemed to have nothing to do with our real, everyday life. Somewhere we missed the part that just like every other area of our lives, we would grow, evolve…and that these lessons we were learning might be good for now…and would need to be revisited and expanded on later, in view of different life lenses.2012-03-16-12-48-44.jpg

The different life lenses for little girls began in those grade-school classes.  The story of Eve would forever change how we, girls…women…our female gender…and all things feminine…were perceived by ourselves; and how social structures would perceive and treat and value all things female and feminine.

Immediately, there’s something in our being that feels the injustice.  … except we learn to adapt, to be good little girls, to be liked…because, we’re told,  God made it that way….

Only years later will a powerful enough catalyst come–around the age of 39 for most women–to rock our spiritual world–and all other systems and relationships connected to that set of beliefs and perspectives.

Only then will we dare to search and find that which will feed and grow our feminine spirit an soul. The work of the Feminine is great.  The Feminine is the heart and soul of the world.  The Feminine is Spirit, and all things spiritual.

Dragonfly MedicineBecoming RealAwakening the Feminine — Freeing the Sacred Feminine, feeding our souls, empowering our spirits and lives.  Restoring the sacredness and worth of ourselves and all things feminine and female.  Everyone in this lifetime is being called to evolve.  Whatever catalyst it takes, we will get.  Our souls are awakening.  Amazing women are gathering, connecting, inspiring, emerging.  Enrollments are open; tap in to the energy of creation.



Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly is a symbol that represents our ability to discern illusion from reality.  We are conditioned to believe we are less powerful than we are.  The medicine to heal the wound is Dragonfly medicine.

It is said Dragonfly was once a mighty dragon with magical powers who was tricked into believing she was a

tiny dragonfly.  Dragon changed form into a tiny dragonfly due to this false belief.

Too often we believe our failures, our shortcoming and our limitations are real.  We are conditioned to believe we are less powerful than we really are.   We accept this illusion as our Real self.  We need to remember we have a choice to transform and grow into who we really are.  We can wield our great inner power and wisdom to change our beliefs about ourselves and transform into our Real selves.  When we are able to do this, we heal with the guidance of Dragonfly Medicine.*

My blessing to all who read this book, is for you to grow and heal into becoming your Real selves through the Dragonfly Medicine that graces these pages.

May you bless the world as you reconnect with your wisdom and power.  – Rose M. Kumar M.D.

From Becoming REAL by a modern-day medicine woman, healer, wise woman, sister goddess, friend, becoming-real-dr-rose-kumar-2Rose Kumar.  Becoming Real transforms us;  resources like these are entries to freeing our spirit and wings.

*adapted with permission from Sharon George,


Exploring our Inner goddess

Gabby's entry in Louise's sacred feminine art journal Looking forward to tonight’s telephone / web conference class exploring our inner goddess and the sacred feminine.  Spent the morning following an inspiration and added even more good stuff to inspire your heart and imagination…and conversation!    Music, art, poetry, and wherever the muse took me.  Such FUN!

And best of all is that all of us get to be together tonight from the comfort of home — even if we’re across the country from each other. LOVE it!

You can still get in on the class, and it’s EASY…and a something special for the holidays.

During December, $7 gets you all Class Materials AND a real-time Class with me and the other inner goddess explorers you’ve invited.  The call-in number and access code come with the class materials–and also links to those additional goodies I added this morning.   Download HERE.

I grew up Catholic.  I’ve been praying to a goddess all my life.  Hail Mary, Mother of God.   – Anne Wondra

If you can’t make the class, here’s Plan B. Download the Class Materials and all the extras–or select the ‘private’ option for yourself and a friend–and get the conversation flowing!  Love, love, love!!  Catch you later.

Intro to the Sacred Feminine class Wednesday

Hello everyday goddesses – For many of you, the Sacred Feminine is already in your awareness.  Others are just opening to the concept.  For all interested in more, I am hosting an Introduction to the Sacred Feminine class here on Wednesday evening, May 9, at 6:30.

This is one of my favorite Love-Your-Life™ sessions because it opens and energizes so much of our spirit and self-esteem, and puts together the pieces of our wholeness.  It balances and completes us.  It empowers and inspires the best in us.  Imagery and words; traditions that honor the Sacred feminine…and where it’s hidden in plain sight; words of women on the spirit of women; the language and entity attributes of all that is feminine and divine.

I hope you’ll join me!  You can register here…or call to reserve your place.  And as Everyday Goddess Community members, be sure to use the drop-down and save 25 percent.  If you’re not a member yet, you can join here.  It’s only $5 a month for ongoing savings and privileges.

My only intention is to help you love your life and shine, from your place of goodness, joy, and brilliance…and to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible.

More about the class and the beginnings of it.

See you Wednesday night!