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Hello Goddesses,  Some things we plan work; others, not so much… It’s all good…  all catalysts for creative flow and opportunity to grow.
When something doesn’t work as envisioned, something else opens in its place… something unscheduled, and now available to engage in, experience…
Tuesday afternoons …time wa already set aside for a ‘Goddesses Never Age’ series.  For whatever reasons, Tuesday afternoons had no sign-ups…leaving a block of open time …. and in its place today, an urgent message from a humane society I volunteer at in need of extra help this afternoon.  …
Logically, this has little to do with my work … and yet, apparently, this is where I’m needed in this afternoon’s opening.  Heading out in a few…
This evening’s our PHONE group will meet as planned. Register if you haven’t done so.  Message me for a copy of the reading / topic schedule if you’d like one.  Whatever place you start is perfect.  It’s a good read.
All good… enjoy those unplanned blessings, unscheduled openings…  – Anne

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