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Intimacy, sensuality, sexuality; to shamelessly enjoy all those pleasures our own body is capable of…divinely designed for us, as evidenced by those 1800 nerve endings that have only one purpose: pleasure. Oh yes.

As advanced, intelligent, educated, and modern as we claim to be, a lot of young women and older ones, too, know little about their personal pleasure anatomy and their healthy sensual right to enjoy sexual pleasure. It’s much more than our self-pleasure that’s not spoken of; it’s a huge piece of our anatomy.

I think you’ll enjoy these two speakers; certainly find their topic insightful, and hopefully even encouraged to start conversations among your friends.

There’s no better way to make something unspeakable than not to name it.

Peggy Orenstein

All bodies are entitled to experience the pleasure they are capable of.

Sophia Wallace

Own your body and your life and your soul. There is no shame in your touching any part of yourself.

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Blessings, and enjoy. – Anne Wondra