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St George 2012.2.4“You will be teachers for each other. You will come together in circles and speak your truth to each other. The time has come for women to accept their spiritual responsibility for our planet.”
“Will you help us?” I ask the assembled patriarchs.
“We are your brothers,” they answer, and with that the entire room is flooded with an energy of indescribable kindness. I am absolutely confident in this moment that they are our brothers. I feel their love without any questions. They say then, “We have initiated you and we give you our wholehearted blessings. But we no longer know the way. Our ways do not work anymore. You women must find a new way.”
The Feminine Face of God

Early in my journey to find the Sacred Feminine, I found this book; and this section in particular has always spoken deeply to me. It was given in a dream…. like other Divine messages and messengers.
Samuel, David, Daniel, Joseph, Mary were all given messages in dreams.  Divine dream communications continue all these years later; they never stopped … for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see…
We live in power-full times–Power in every aspect of its meanings.  Power over is destructive; Power with is creative and healing.  Women must lead this new way; we must remember and restore all that we are.  Masculine adds its strength and support to Feminine wisdom, vision, and intuition.
Our cultures and religions have taken all that was and is sacred and feminine–sexuality, sensuality, spirit and spirituality, emotions, feelings, our earth and nature–and devalued it, cheapened it, made it sordid, laughed at it, or deemed it something to be controlled by others.  And we allowed it because our own greatness, Sacred Divinity and creative power, was hidden from us.  …
We are awakening in great numbers.   We are being called and gathered to speak our truth, to restore Sacredness to all that is Feminine–including ourselves, our bodies and its fluids and feelings, our intelligence and intuition and spirit, and our planet.
Our feminine power and spirit, power with, begins with being true to ourselves and gathering in circles to speak our truth, to be teachers and sisters and grow with one another.

It takes great courage to live from our truth.  We often risk being rejected by others …  As we dismantle adapted and inauthentic behaviors and uncover our real selves, we no longer resonate with others who behave from patterns that we are dismantling. … Transforming into our real selves … reconnects us with our intrinsic power.  – Rose Kumar, M.D. – Becoming REAL

Saying out loud, things from deep within:

It was the purest knowing I had experienced, and it was shouting in me, no, no, no!  The ultimate authority of my life is not the bible; it is not confined between the covers of a book.  It is not something written by men and frozen in time.  It is not from a source outside myself.  My ultimate authority is the divine voice in my own soul.  Period.
I waited.  Lightening did not strike.  I looked around to see if people were staring.  I was sure I must have said the word no! out loud, but everyone seemed properly engrossed in the sermon. …
This is a stupendous moment for a woman–when she decides to live from her own inner guidance.  It is, however, excruciatingly hard for a patriarchal daughter to accomplish.  She may have to do it, as I did, in stages.   – Sue Monk Kidd – The Dance of the Dissident Daughter

And one more for you, beautiful goddesses:

The idea of Goddess is so powerfully “other,” so vividly female, it comes like a crowbar shattering the lock patriarchy holds on divine imagery.  Nelle Morton often pointed out that the word Goddess is important because it bursts the exclusivity of the old symbol and opens the way to reimage deity. – Sue Monk Kidd, Dance of the Dissident Daughter

We have been initiated, commissioned, blessed, and asked to bring our feminine ways, spiritual divine women’s ways, wisdom, and light to all  places we live and people we touch.  We are needed…  And we need each other! … because It takes courage to be who we really are–and it’s much more FUN and EASIER when sister goddesses are together!   (Ask anyone from this Summer’s Beach Group or Author Sanctuary Series!)
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