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51-TpWGHcaL__SL210_ The Way of the Traveler was leaning against my door this morning, a gift from a client friend who said she thought of me.  I started reading and understood.  There is beautiful wisdom here–and so fitting as the summer winds down, with many holding memories of places traveled:

We are traveling in record numbers.  Americans alone accounted for nearly 1.1 billion person-trips (one trip taken by one person) in the air, on land, and on the sea last year…
We are also staying away from home for longer periods.  In this country, we took an average of seven trips last year, and each trip lasted an average of four days–that adds up to almost a whole month out of the nest for every person in the country.
I find all of this quite encouraging in terms of human evolution.  Given that all travel is a journey within, it is heartening that so many of our human family are leaving the comfort zones of home–our present state of awareness–and venturing out into the wild blue yonder; the hidden, yet undiscovered parts of ourselves.  Making a journey is always about going from where we are now, to another place, a higher realm of consciousness.
So, as a species we appear to be embarked on a spiritual quest of vast and unprecedented proportions …
Undertaken with awareness, travel surely is one of the most available and most effective means to nourish, broaden, and quicken the soul.  The destination does not matter as much as the attention we give to the understanding that all travel is inner travel…

I think I’m going to enjoy this book.  It’ll be along when I travel later this month.  Before that, though, I’ll be reading a little more and reflecting.  The interplay of outer journeys and inner ones; of places traveled and discoveries made.
How about you.  Let’s talk of summer travels…and journeys. – Anne

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