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I started everyday goddess community to bring together Life-traveler goddesses like me; kindred-spirit lightworkers who travel, create, write, play and dance in becoming more of who we are–everyday living goddesses.

4th Wednesday Writing Group

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Divinity and Creativity: Embracing our Essence is the ‘why.’

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Anne Wondra

Anne 82
Anne Wondra, WonderSpirit Goddess Community Coach and Muse

Once you know there’s a goddess and that you are one, there’s no going back.  Roars of awakening

Colorful, my sister once called me …

Words, chosen to be including and uplifting and empowerful of our feminine spirit.  Our voices, writing, art, music, sacred places, travels, creating, and work spaces…

I’m a muse.  A connector, a writer, a coach, teacher, life-traveler.  A way-shower.  A light.  And I tend to have a calming, spirit-feeding influence …

I’m not alone in what I do.

My intent is to offer a spirit-feeding place for everyday goddess life-traveler creatives.

Thank you!


Dear Anne,

I greatly appreciate your coaching and support–especially during the past few months.  You are a wise woman and a wonderful friend!  It’s an inspiration to see you using your talents and following your dream.  I want to help support that dream–please accept the enclosed and I’d like to become one of your “real” clients.  I value you and the path you’ve chosen.  Love, Elizabeth.