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I’m playing with an idea–or rather, an idea is playing with me…which makes perfect sense for writers and anyone who’s read Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic.

This idea has to do with our mixed energy around money–which ultimately pushes it away from us instead of allowing it to come easily and feel as normal as breathing.

Women like me grew up in the Midwest, German roots, and ingrained messages of frugality, limited funds, fears–experiences–of poverty, and learned that money was something that came with hard work and was earned. That’s a lot to unpack and feels heavy, hard.

Add to that, messages we heard in church about charity, contributing to the church, and sharing with those less fortunate. The widow’s mite story was read to incentivize us to share from what little we felt we had. (And also, most of those in church were women, often housewives and mothers, who didn’t have jobs or outside income sources.)

No wonder so many have dysfunctional relationships with money, income, worth and worthiness, prosperity, being rich, wealthy, and abundance for themselves. Our inner gremlin companions of childhood are still there…judging.

Restorative Resources in Relationships of Money

Abraham-Hicks.com Ask and It Is Given and Money and the Law of Attraction;

Outrageous Openness and It’s Not Your Money, by Tosha Silver;

The Soul of Money, by Lynne Twist;

Get Rich, Lucky B..th: Release your Money Blocks and live a First-class Life and How to Track Your Income, by Denise Duffield-Thomas;

These are resources I’ve read and resonated with. I’m guessing you’ve got your own library of self-help restorative resources. Applying principles and following-through–and having fun with it–that’s missing.

A Play-money Prosperity and Philanthropy Playground Invitation — for 3 months

3-month relationship-restoring playground with money.

Income and spending … imaginary and physical … side by side

Tracking Worksheet and how to use it. In grateful disclosure, I started with Denise’s Income Tracker and added to it. One thing inspires another.

Play-money / energetic-income infusions–every day–that we get to spend in any ways we want to.

What we’re getting at here is shifting our feelings / emotions / energy to ones that are a lot lighter and freer, abundant and generous, excited, playful. And because, believe it or not, some have a bit of fear around the idea of having plenty, being incredibly rich, wealthy, and knowing how to manage it, handle it, do with it… !

That’s what I want our enchanted adventure to be about–evolving and expanding our energetic comfort zones here, and experiencing pleasure doing it.

Alongside–and integrated in–will be tracking all other income, fund infusions received. That means, for example, noticing and including any amounts that are paid on your behalf by insurance on a medical bill; or finding a dollar on the sidewalk; or that amount you saved shopping on a sale. Revisit How to Track Your Income above. Energetically appreciating, noticing, every abundance we are receiving says to the universe, More, please. Thank You.

Little things that are big things…energy, feelings, emotions…what attracts; what repels; what feels good, soul feeding.

Also alongside and integrated in will be how and where we are being a conduit and director of funds. We’re noting here where our heart is singing and dancing to do this!

Are you interested?

Obviously, this idea that’s playing here is a very pragmatic spiritual-metaphysical deeper-greatness-growing experiment experience. We’ll have two check-in calls each month–new moon and full moon–very goddess-fitting. Focus is energetic, rather than monetary. Objective, intention, is to use our energy and emotional tools, universal laws of creating and thriving, have fun playing to our heart’s desires, and with a soul-sister or two or three, to do this with, as witness and mirrors of courage and support through our process.

Begin: Enroll as a member in Everyday Goddess Community and request entry into this goddess-growing energy-directing playground. The tracking worksheet will be an additional $10 to download. Purchase Here.

How are you feeling?

I’m kinda excited, juiced, energized to do this! Play-money philanthropy and prosperity! Sounds like fun–and a bit challenging, vulnerable–at tha same time.

Love always, Anne.