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What’s included:

• monthly goddess calls; women and words, reading, writing, and life-traveling; card readings, connecting  (1st Sundays).

• FREE resources and articles on this site, my writing site, and Writer Notes Newsletter.  (Please opt-in to receive these. ♥)

• Soul Sistering feminine spirit life coaching and writing starter sessions only $25. Here’s why.

WonderSpirit community Membership (ADDS half-hour private call monthly)

Conference call number and access code are in the calendar details.  Love exchange comes later.

Spiritual laws of  Prosperity

Love Exchange ($10/$25 / $250 Single Payment or Automated Subscriptions


Inspired women, writers, teachers, are everywhere…  Sometimes there will be guest goddesses featured here.  If there are words you would like to share in a guest post, please ask.  Many of you are already writers and wise women.