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Goddesses Never Age … written by an M.D. … a woman, who has studied more than medicine, and experienced enough life to be qualified to write all of this.  If we women are going to tell stories about ourselves and desire to live well, healthy, and vibrant, let’s pick out empowering findings of science, medicine, energy, attitudes, spirit, purpose, vitality, sensuality, relationships–and explore everything that invigorates a woman to do and become that as she matures.  This author does that…!Goddesses Never Age
Forty or better?  Have you attended a class reunion and looked around?  And wasn’t it interesting how some of your classmates looked and sounded a lot more vibrant and alive than others…almost better than ever!?  And others, not so much…  Those engaged in something creative and meaningful and interesting to them look and sound much more alive. High-level wellness, speaking a different language, a life-engagement-focused one…
Age is a number; our physiology is changing.  So are other elements of our understanding evolving.  And this book includes those physiology elements, and more.  It feeds my brain and spirit with what’s good for my vitality.  Joy, it turns out, is good for my body!  And yours! 
This book is an interesting, pragmatic, encouraging read for women of a certain age, who want different; who want positively healthy stories and empowering facts and resources that integrate with present-day whole-person, body-mind-spirit, pragmatic findings. It’s a good read for us…and such a fun title to play with!
12-week group series begins soon!  … one of your e.d.g. personal growth group privileges …  🙂
Live well and enjoy!  – Anne  🙂
Goddesses never age

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