73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know
73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know

A Sacred Playbook for Your Soul by Goddess Leoni Dawson…
Just got this one Monday and I LOVE it!!   Fun, creative, wise, and SO energizing!  Love the art, the style, the spirit of this beautiful author and her work.  If you’re new to believing you are a goddess, you need this one!
Can we meet and talk?  And PLAY?!  How about another summer beach group?…or one by phone where you get to enjoy the view of your own favorite place? … or a goddess growing group here in my sacred kindred spirit space place?
Or just get the book and soak in it’s rays of light and sparkle and all its DELIGHTFUL richness!
Love and light, goddesses.  Play!  Sparkle!  Shine Divine!

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