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Hello goddesses,
It’s Tuesday; and that means there’s an e.d. goddess community conference call tonight at 8:10 pm Central time.  It’s a ‘share-what-you’re-reading’ kind of call, connected to one of those three spiritual Self-Commitments I ask of clients and groups who work with me.  What I know for Sure kdl
To be reading something daily that makes us feel good, something that inspires us, something that empowers our sense of self-worth and abundance, something that speaks to living at the speed of love…from our heart and soul in ordinary time…feeds and fuels our spirit mind and being.  Bringing our voices to such words, with one another, amplifies that.
How would your life be different if there was a place for you, a circle of women, sharing inspiring words like this regularly; a reading and re-story-ing personal-renaissance circle, celebrating and supporting our growing…
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Meet you on the call!   – Anne