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Today’s wisdom clip is by Victoria Moran and found in her book, Lit From Within

The Inner Side of Beauty

“When you realize that you are indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made,” you get over worrying so much about your thighs and your crow’s-feet and start bowling people over with your presence.
 Your physical self is by no means the totality of who you are. It does, however, reflect who you are: a unique spiritual being of extraordinary beauty and importance. When you understand this and you see yourself in this way, you will treat your body as if it housed a soul, and you will live your life as though it were part of a grad design. You will be rewarded with an unmistakable radiance that comes from deep within and shows on the outside, too.
If you talk with large numbers of luminous women, as I have, you will find that in one way or another they all “got religion.” Life prompted them—often through pain, sometimes through joy—to look for hidden truths beneath the surface of their circumstance. Some deepened their childhood faith; others found a new one. Many discovered prayer or meditation, or hey got over an addiction or out of a quandary by rebuilding their lives on a spiritual foundation.
Whatever the particulars, a power entered their lives that caused their self-centered concerns to shrink and their hearts to grow. You can call this power god, and I do that sometimes in this book. If another word works better for you, by all means use it. Whatever name you choose, this is a power that can elevate your thoughts and diminish the ones that obscure your inner light….Being perfect is unnecessary. Being human will do….”
-Victoria Moran, Lit from Within