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This Wednesday’s Love-Your-Life, Grow-Your-Greatness group session looks at how we set ourselves up for success and make our life easier, happier, more in sync with who we are, how we’re growing, and where we’re heading. 
The environment always wins.  Who we hang around with; what we listen to, read, repeat; the elements of our physical space and emotional space that influence us. All of it matters to our health and happiness, and the easy flow of natural light and brilliance that radiates from us and energizes us when all our environments are in sync and supportive.  It feels so good.
Wednesday night, I’ll lead us through of process of taking a closer look at who and what’s around us, and then we’ll explore how you can shift areas you want to flow easier, to support your amazing, beautiful spirit.
Join me if you can.  This one is a live, in-person,small group session with me in the space I share in the beautiful Kindred Spirit Center.  Cost is $15 for Everyday Goddess Community Members / $20 for others.  You can learn more and join here, if you’d like.
Register now for Wednesday’s class.I know I’m looking forward to it!
If in-person or Wednesday doesn’t work, or if you prefer a private session, call me and I’ll let you know additional options.  It’s all about YOU and making it much easier for you to shine bright!
Love and light and blessings.  – Anne