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Two very different business points of view and methods of operation.
Two business-building and sales perspectives.
One is sell, sell, sell; sales calls, numbers games, scorecards; do, do, do; performance and pressure.  Success comes through hard work.
The other is heart-centered…Love and believe in what you do, be who you are; share your passion, natural connections, and interests; your story; be of service; use attraction principles.  A flower doesn’t need to chase a bee or sell it on its value.  Success comes through being,  knowing yourself and living an authentic, satisfying life.
Which one do you resonate with?  Have you experienced both?  Which one feels better, more like you
To the traditional business mindset, the heart-centered model is scoffed at, ridiculed.
To the heart-centered entrepreneur, the traditional mindset feels like hard work; because it’s a model that’s not in alignment with who they really are. They adapt to the role and play it…and it drains their spirit and energy.
The traditional business model is a masculine model.  Think pyramids and hierarchical structures, corporate boardrooms, rules and regulations, divisions and departments; and the bottom line is often numbers.
The heart-centered business model is a feminine model.  Think inter-connected relationships; bonding over human interests, family, causes, and creative pursuits; entrepreneurial; motivated by flexibility and freedom; the heart and emotional touch points (and power) of any business or group they are in; and the bottom line is often what feels right.
There are many doorways to success.  The secret is to find YOUR doorway(s).  Do you know your doorway?  What model feels better to your spirit?  Honor it, and you will live a much happier and more satisfying life.
Love your life.  It matters.
For more on career and money from a heart-centered perspective, ask about the next Love-Your-Life: Career and Money class or schedule a private session, on special during March.  Here’s to setting you up for success, celebrating your spirit, and loving your life.