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Everyday goddesses are awesome women; we’re helpful, generous, caring, kind, creative, smart, and beautiful.  And we get things done.  No wonder we are often called on or asked to help out or be part of this cause or that one.  And while we might want to be helpful and accept–or not–and want to be liked and not make waves, we say “Yes,” because we have a hard time saying “No.”  And that leads to overwork, overwhelm; and we turn into cranky B’s, and not at our best for anyone.
And if we say “No’ we feel guilty …depending on who is doing the asking.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  We have kind hearts and compassion, and there are some who have mastered the fine art of guilt-trip-creating scripts.
How to do things differently and feel like we’re standing in our power–instead of being walked all over?  That’s the lesson and wisdom take-away for our first Friday Monthly Muse Conference (and Confidence-building) call in April.  Hope you can make it Friday, April 6, Noon Eastern (11 am Central), for this fun and freeing “Saying No with Ease” conversation.
As always, you’ll receive the call-in conference line number and access code via EDG Community Group email.
These Monthly Muse conference calls are Free and included with your Everyday Goddess Community membership; $15 for non-member guests.  You can join and learn more here.   If you are unable to make the call, you can still get the information.  Calls are recorded* and the recording* and take-away resource are emailed to the Everyday Goddess Community Yahoo group and registered guests who participated.
Enjoy your day and being you!  – Anne
*Conference Technology requires at least two people on the call to activate record feature.