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So today I played with technology…  And I share this because some of you Everyday goddesses are also amazing enterprising entrepreneurs.
And wouldn’t it be nice if visitors to your web site could schedule appointments with you online, right then, instead of telephone tag and multiple emails?  I used something similar recently to book a hair appointment with my friend Amy.  Easy, no hassles, appointment booked and confirmed, hair done as scheduled. Sweet.
The search and sifting began;  the one I’m trying out (playing with) is called TimeTrade.  I like that it’s scalable, that there’s a single-user professional level; that it has flexibility and nice functionality; that there are tutorial videos; it’s easier on the budget for solopreneurs; and I get to try it out for thirty days free.
Online scheduler
I set up a few links on my site so you can see what they look like and to test them out:
Home page, Tool Talks page, Life coaching page
For those who like hands-on techy stuff and want to know more…and maybe set up your own, my next Technology Share is Friday (3rd Friday) afternoon, 2 – 4 pm Eastern (1 – 3 pm Central).  For Everyday Goddess Community members, the Soul Friends Community, and my clients, these are one of those Bonus Extra specials I offer to help some things flow easier and set you up for success.  Not a member or client yet?  Join here or schedule an appointment.  I like EASY.
PS  One more thing:  I added the LYRICS to the Everyday Goddess Song!  Now you can really sing along!  LOVE it.  Enjoy your day.  – Anne

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