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Hello goddesses,
Today I share words of inspired sister goddess, Vivian R. Probst.  I have traveled with this woman; and  learned much more about both of us and this work I do–and that all of us do–together. In a car, on a plane, a morning walk, an impromptu phone call, and everyday ‘just happened to happen’ meetings. …

A work of art is an act of divine inspiration entering the heart and soul of a willing participant.  Life works its magic through US.  Don’t hide your inspirations. Share them with the world because it makes a difference!  Vivian Probst (12-3-2014)

Div-a — divine ambassador …  And we are… we know …. we get it
To be a willing participant to divine inspiration, allowing its magic to work through us–in whatever way it comes–and compels us to respond… draw, paint, speak, write, create, play, dance, make a call, stop by… and trust that there really are no accidents.  Vivian and Annd 1282014
Have you noticed, unplanned happenings are usually divinely orchestrated means of meeting and message sharing?  We don’t need to know particulars…though sometimes we learn them later…  Life indeed works its magic through us….in all of our everyday ordinary ways of being ourselves.
Breathe in.  Exhale.  Again.  Be connected.  Do what your heart and soul are inspired to do.  Trust.  Have a beautiful joy-filled magical day…  Celebrate, play, appreciate, and see some more magic.
Love and blessing.  – Anne