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Are you ready to gather at the beach again this year?  I am!
I have so LOVED these past several years of gathering women by the water for much more than a book group. Our book, you see, is only a backdrop.  Our book is chosen to allow soulful women a time and open space to talk about uncommon things–or maybe common things from a very uncommon, spirit-lifting, soul-feeding perspective–and meet other amazing women in the process.
Wonderful friendships have been started and continued and taken their own journey.  I have found that those who come to my circles are meant to meet one another…for reasons way beyond their knowing at the time.  So magical and profound, and I love it!
This year, we’ll be exploring goddess archetypes, with Goddesses in Older Women by Jean Shinoda Bolen, and her Goddesses in Every Woman… for slightly younger women.  Both books cover the same archetypes; Goddesses in Older Women shows the ‘full-powered’ expression  in women who are in their ‘third phase of life.’  Choose the one YOU are Drawn to.
Beach Group begins Monday, June 16, this year, for seven weeks.  Same beach, same time!
NEW this year–because a lovely goddess said, “I want to be part of beach group too, only I live out of state and can’t do mornings”— a Thursday EVENING Conference Call Beach Group So my goddesses, I am excited to connect with more of you–on Thursday nights–and for YOU to connect with each other!  Thursday group starts June 19!
More info, how it works, book links, Sign up, etc. and I’ll see you soon!!
So looking forward these amazing gatherings!   – Anne  🙂