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book_artsHello lovely goddesses!
In tonight’s muse and magnificence call, we’ll talk about the practice of “Wallowing in our Desires.”  It’s a clip from Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts.  And it’s an idea and practice that’s delightfully decadent, energizing, and inspiring….  When you’re wallowing in our desires, leave the logistical left brain, practical stuff aside….and, instead, tap into your feeling, heart and spirit sensing sides, skills.  In wallowing in our desires, we are noticing and savoring what brings us pleasure.  We bring the playful, creative, intuitive, joyful, and earthy elements out and feel them, imagine them, delight in them!

Enjoy the desires you have. Don’t edit them or say, “I love that dress, but I can’t afford it.” Just love what you love, want what you want. Take yourself shopping to places where you can just relish the enjoyment of your desires. Try on …(whatever incredible thing you’d like)! If you begin to enjoy your desires, they expand. – Mama Gena

The magnificence part of this is pleasure and delight and awareness…and much more.  When we are in the zone of pleasure and delight and savoring, we are attracting,  and attractive.  Our energy is magnetic.  Imagine that!
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Wallow in your desires today.  Tap in tonight too, and delight and savor some more!  – Anne 🙂

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