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Awakening the Sacred Feminine

We are in a spiritual revolution--in the hearts and souls of women, and in men.  The Sacred Feminine; goddess energy--the powerful energy of pure, positive, compassion, connecting, healing love--and also of restorative justice, is emerging. Most of us went to religion class as kids.  And for many, it seemed to have nothing to do with… Continue reading Awakening the Sacred Feminine

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Dragonfly Medicine

Dragonfly is a symbol that represents our ability to discern illusion from reality.  We are conditioned to believe we are less powerful than we are.  The medicine to heal the wound is Dragonfly medicine. It is said Dragonfly was once a mighty dragon with magical powers who was tricked into believing she was a tiny… Continue reading Dragonfly Medicine

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Women and Girl’s Spirituality Saturday

The Spirituality of Women and Girls in Chick lit, Life and Religion... Hello beautiful everyday goddesses! The very event of our birth in female bodies changes and influences everything about how we see and experience what is spiritual in our lives...and how we perceive religion and the teachings and words that come from their texts… Continue reading Women and Girl’s Spirituality Saturday

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Exploring our Inner goddess

Looking forward to tonight's telephone / web conference class exploring our inner goddess and the sacred feminine.  Spent the morning following an inspiration and added even more good stuff to inspire your heart and imagination...and conversation!    Music, art, poetry, and wherever the muse took me.  Such FUN! And best of all is that all of… Continue reading Exploring our Inner goddess