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Author Sanctuary Series – Ruth (Vivian) Probst – August 19

I have loved, loved, LOVED these author sanctuary gatherings.  They have truly been sacred time and space, connecting women of soul and depth.  And the authors... Oh such gifts their spirit, presence, words, soul-sharing wisdom and inspiration they have been.  We are so blessed, Stacy Whetlow and Tara Majeska.  Thank you! It takes courage to… Continue reading Author Sanctuary Series – Ruth (Vivian) Probst – August 19

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Manifesting Abundance Free Virtual Open House Sunday 6/24

We are in highly charged, strong-shifting energy times.  Adapting to change and letting-go-to-flow will be wise on our part; as will focusing on what we LOVE and finding alignment with our best and greatest, most-authentic selves.  Feminine energy is flowing in to bring balance.  We've been so enmeshed in masculine energy, we've forgotten what feminine… Continue reading Manifesting Abundance Free Virtual Open House Sunday 6/24

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Heart-Centered … Doing Business Differently

Two very different business points of view and methods of operation. Two business-building and sales perspectives. One is sell, sell, sell; sales calls, numbers games, scorecards; do, do, do; performance and pressure.  Success comes through hard work. The other is heart-centered...Love and believe in what you do, be who you are; share your passion, natural… Continue reading Heart-Centered … Doing Business Differently