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The Virtue of Joy

The capacity to take pleasure in life is no less a virtue than any other.  Joy is not as simple as it appears.  There are those who, whether out of fear or judgment, so habitually resist the feeling that after a while they lose the knack of being pleased altogether.  Others, mistaking mastery for pleasure, prefer conquest to delight and never really taste the spoils of their efforts.  There is an art to enjoying life, to feeling desire and receiving what comes, to savoring every detail, down to the finest points, of each taste, sensation, or moment that happens by will or by chance to appear.  The experience requires a subtle courage.  Delight, jubilance, elation can throw you off  balance, upsetting the established order of the day ….  And because almost all forms of joy are fleeting, pleasure must eventually lead to loss, no matter how small–a loss that brings with it the certain knowledge that everything passes. – Susan Griffin, The Book of the Courtesans

Joy and pleasure, radiance; virtues worthy of exploring, expanding, owning.

Marianne Williamson once wrote that it was our light we feared more than our darkness.  We need to connect and play and shine our light more.

Here’s to enjoying our feminine virtues of joy, pleasure, sensuality, beauty, brilliance, and daring.



Environments of Success

Circle of WomenCAFODBZKHello beautiful goddesses,

I have a gift for you today.  It’s a Love-Your-Life Table Talk Tool I call Environments of Support.

Supporting Environments make it easier for us to be and become our happy, healthy, successful, fabulous, and connected-to-who-we-are selves…

This Tool notes some common elements that impact our internal environment … that place in us where our emotions and spirit, ideas, inspiration, confidence, strength, wisdom, creativity, and all that feeds, frees, and fuels us is stored.   Then comes the putting-it-together part.

Environments of Support for Success

because the environment always wins

Environments include: 

  • People you hang around with
  • Respectful boundaries
  • Places you spend your time in
  • Things, objects, toys – for distraction or inspiration
  • Time, scheduling, habits, perceptions of plenty or lack
  • Physical well being, actions and obstacles
  • Social well being strategies
  • Intellectual well being, brain food and stimulation
  • Spiritual well being, peace, purpose
  • Occupational satisfaction and well being
  • Financial, money attitudes and how you spend it
  • Emotional well being, feeling good, happy, healthy

Table Talk

  1. If your environment is to by more supportive to your well-being, what are some environmental improvements or changes you would like to make?
  2. What are three environment-related things you are doing regularly (habits, people, time use) that do not serve or support you anymore?
  3. Design a living-well plan…and make it EASY (Energizes And Satisfies You).  What stays?  What gets replaced with something more satisfying and supporting?

Be gentle with yourself.  You’re already beautiful, talented, amazing.  What will help you remember and feel that way when you forget?

Call me.

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