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Spirit Card Readings Today

Everyday Goddess Linda and I are here at the Kindred Spirit Center - WonderSpirit Coaching Studio for our first Card Reader Day today--which runs until 4 this afternoon...and again tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon, from 1-3 .  Stop in or Call!We pulled cards for each other....  And then we pulled one for you as you're reading this...from… Continue reading Spirit Card Readings Today

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Summer series – Forbidden Acts

The 'Forbidden Acts' we'll explore this summer come from the life wisdom of the author--and your own:  to Re-imagine your Beginnings, Re-claim the Divine Feminine, Re-Define Sin, and Re-Write the Scripture. You've had a reaction already, haven't you?...  Good.  This stuff goes to the core.  There's more... Come with me. ...  into the journey of… Continue reading Summer series – Forbidden Acts