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Hello beautiful goddesses,
I met with a young woman this week who spoke of her decision to choose a religion for herself, as an adult, other than the one she had been raised in.  She said she still isn’t completely in alignment with the church she’s in; only that it’s better (for her) than the other was.
It’s a common, personal experience.  At some point, we have a need to Choose for Ourselves a spiritual path or religion that feeds our soul the kind of fuel it needs to carry us through life–and we have different needs because we have different lives…

It doesn’t really matter what religion anybody believes. If their life is working (and there are many different approaches to life that are working very well) then why not let them believe whatever they want to believe? It’s all working in the way that it is supposed to be. There are religions that you wouldn’t want anything to do with, that are perfect mechanisms for the people who are involved in them. And therefore, they are a very good thing.  —Abraham

What’s important is to allow yourself this sacred journey of finding and choosing for yourself, a spiritual path that makes your life work, to explore beliefs that resonate with your spirit.
These fuel our lives and create energy surges, inspiration, motivation, clarity, peace, connection…so much stems from this.
I can help you safely navigate fears and find your heart’s path.  Spiritual Bridges provides tools and support to find and choose your own path.  I have no vested interest in the path you choose–except that it is my nature to be positive, empowering, and encourage you to grow your greatness!  That is what soul coaching is all about…You–shining bright!
Love and light and let your soul sing!  – Anne 🙂

Bridges Rivers and Beautiful Pathways
Bridges Rivers and Beautiful Pathways


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