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Becoming a Goddess of Inner PoiseThe Spirituality of Women and Girls in Chick lit, Life and Religion…
Hello beautiful everyday goddesses!
The very event of our birth in female bodies changes and influences everything about how we see and experience what is spiritual in our lives…and how we perceive religion and the teachings and words that come from their texts and teachers.
And in the end, each one of us is on our personal quest... to find and connect with the Sacred in a way that’s meaningful to our life… and to experience and define spiritual for ourselves.  I had to; and I wasn’t alone.
Women’s studies and feminine theology found a place in college curriculum.  And I was fortunate to benefit–as a single, young professional in her 30s, much more aware–and reading, even between the lines, and soaking in everything.  A different lens sharpens focus, and mine was.  It was the women writing about women’s spirituality I was especially drawn to.

The female soul is no small thing.  Neither is a woman’s right to define the Sacred from a woman’s perspective. – Sue Monk Kidd

That was my journey and my generation’s contribution to those behind us.  Today’s women and girls are searching for and navigating their own path to experience spirituality and meaning.  And there are writers of their generation making sacred feminine art and writing FUN and creative texts, like Becoming a Goddess of Inner Poise and The Girl God.  … because, you see, everyday goddess women like us, have expanded the definition of spiritual experiences.  Yes!!  Full ColorLIFE Engaged!  🙂
Anybody ELSE want to TALK about this stuff?!  I DO!
I have a wonderful, living room style space and an open Saturday.  No agenda other than to hold sacred space and allow the conversations among women and girls, and be a guide and resource where I can…connecting, assisting across generations.  I have a niece now….growing into a young woman.  I need these conversations for me, too.  I have room for eight everyday goddesses.  Join me…
Women’s Spirituality SATURDAY  | 9:30 am – 12:30 pm | February 16, 2013 | Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha
Conversations about women and girls’ religion and spirituality– today … and the spirit of the goddess …from a soul and wellness, life experience, women’s studies and feminine wisdom and theology perspective.  What empowers and frees our deepest parts?  You?  Where and how do women and girls, you, find and define the spiritual today?  Conversations will go where those gathered need to take them.  My desire is that you’ll feed and celebrate your divine, inner goddess, pink and purple, spiritual path, find answers… and different questions, share resources and stories.  Please purchase, download, and BRING BOTH the “Spirit and Meaning” AND “the Divine Feminine”class resource packets at www.wonderspirit.com/products/classmaterials.html    They contain pieces that powered me, and that I pass on with love and blessing.  FREE WILL DONATION at the door for this delightfully different Woman’s Spirit, Soul and Wellness Saturday conversation and connection session.  Please RSVP that you’re coming.  Thank you!!
Oh, and if being here is not possible–life time and distance logistics and all–get the materials and gather with a girlfriend for an evening or afternoon of soul sister sharing.  Lots of conversation material to start off with and expand on.
There’s that thing about “Ask and it is given” too.  If these are something you want more of, ASK for what you’d love!
To loving our lives, feeling inspired and empowered, growing our greatness … and satisfying our Goddess of Inner Poise.  You ARE dancing your path, whether you know it or not, and it probably includes chocolate, music, and maybe a beach!
Love and light and delight!  – Anne
the Girl God

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