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Sunday morning creative time, Halleluja song in the background, coffee mug warms my hands, and inspiration streams in.  ‘Wisewomen speak’ comes in… Oprah Winfrey, and others less known… cultural creatives all around … and what I know for sure is that many more wisewomen are speaking, writing, and in the wings to be called and invited forth.  a spirit of wisdom shared…modern-day speaking in ‘tongues’…those of wisewomen speaking what she knows for sure, in everyday places and spaces of grace…
Who are those wisewomen who speak words that soothe your soul and inspire your life?
You are blessed and blessing…and one of those wisewomen…
Anne Wondra – Coffeehouse soul coach and muse.
PS  Two Wisewomen will be speaking, I’ll be hosting them at Kindred Spirit Center, October 1 and October 15.  You’ll want to be there!  More to come.  Reserve Your Place nowSome good inspired reading
We are all connected and connecting and it’s all good.  I know this for sure too.

What I know for Sure kdl
Always be reading something that inspires you.

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