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Hello goddesses!
I’ve been writing and following the Muse and Inspiration goddesses.  On this earthly side, it probably looks like I’m not accomplishing much.  On the other, I see synchronicities and connections unfolding, and feel good; that somehow each piece or thread is a necessary part of something greater…even if I can’t see it yet.
So here’s some highlights of what I’ve come across this week, or written, or that’s in the works.  Follow what draws you.  Enjoy.
Cool Facebook Shares
Dustin Hoffman on his role of Tootsie  a Video clip from Noteworthy
July 29 has some powerful ‘Sacred Geometry’ alignments
Blog notes
Choosing Our Check-Out
Yin and Yang – Sacred Feminine, Sacred Masculine
Beach Conversations and Water
Other Everyday Goddesses
Sacred Closure: a Celebration – from Nancy Nicholas, sharing what happens when one opens a trunk of old memories that need to be put to rest.  This is where soul sisters come in.
Welcome to  Rose Kumar – A chance  meeting last Saturday reconnected me with this wonderful woman of spirit, science, medicine, and soul.  Her book,  Becoming REAL, is a woman’s  mid-life health and wholeness empowerment resource.  And I love what she’s written!   She’s a healthy foodie also and often shares recipes on her blog.
Surrounded by Writers and Women of Wisdom
Noticed my Wall of Inspiration is full of writers and women of wisdom (and music).  Took note that I am, in fact, surrounded by many writers, authors, and women of wisdom — and art and spirit…including each of you.  (I am so blessed.)  Some book signings and or guest speaker calls may be coming soon.   Nancy Nicholas for example wrote The Soul Friend’s Guide for Surviving the Pit; Stacy Whetlow wrote Silent Robber and Go Fetch: Learning to Walk without a Leash.  And Dr. Rose’s Becoming REAL, above.  All good stuff.
More coming soon.  Love and light to each of you, and continue to shine bright!
YOU matter.  Just being you is perfect.  – Anne