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Good morning gorgeous everyday goddess!
2013 is one week in already!  NEW Year, New STORY… Possibilities are WIDE OPEN.  Our Success–AND SPIRIT–need SUPPORT to Maintain Momentum and Motivation.  We ALL do!
You’ve got a great start.  You made your plan; downloaded and PLAYED WITH your Full-Color, delightful 2013 Create Your INCREDIBLE BUSINESS and LIFE Workbook and Planner.
Start-Your-New-Story Saturday was perfect for that.  (Mine was so FUN!  Used Playful Purple Neato Pen … and Purple Ink.  I LOVE ART and Color!)  
Now your spirit and imagination and dreams are flying high.  It FEELS so GOOD to be Excited about your LIFE and what you’re creating, about Adventures and wonderful Experiences ahead!  That energy is powerfully ATTRACTIVE and Creative SOURCE Energy we are tapping in to!
I want to keep it going, growing, and FLOWING for ME… and that means helping YOU Keep that Attracting, Creating, Source ENERGY going, GROWING, and flowing for You …and through you!  We are so humanly designed to pay it forward….to bless others just being who we are.  In the BEing and DOing for others, WE are (I am) Energized, come alive, Find the Magical connections and synergies, and EVERYONE’S Spirit and Life Energy is supported and recharged!
I have some oh-so-awesome and EASY Spirit-and-Dreams-Supporting ACTIVITIES we can TAP IN to AND Motivate EACH OTHER with this month:
VISION BOARDS AND WISH LISTS – Jan 9.  Are you VISUAL like I am?  Seeing pictures and objects helps me focus, reMINDs me…and then there’s Out of SIGHT leads to Out of MIND too…  More
SUCCESS SET-UP SATURDAY – Jan 19.  A day of sweet Personal FOCUS sessions…and a very incentivized, no-more-excuses price.  Details HERE  and how to schedule your time slot. 
SELF-TALK and SELF-THOUGHTS – Jan 30.  What are you Saying?  Thinking? WORDS and Our Voice carries Power.  Some habits support your spirit and dreams; other  conversation and imagination habits maybe need some shifting…  Energy flows where our attention goes.
Here’s a COLORFUL Flyer to print and post to remind you.   Drop by my LOVE-YOUR-LIFE Page and see WHAT ELSE is coming too.   Here’s to a 2013 of helping YOU and ME–all of us–keep our Spirit, Mind, and Motivation…and INCREDIBLE Life and Spirit supported, happy, and Centered around the Dreams of our heart.
Have a beautiful day!  Enjoy.  – Anne


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