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2012-06-02 13.03.14I’m feeling some recalibrating lately.  Maybe it’s a changing season thing; or maybe it’s a place I am in for personal soul work and growing.  Harvest – gathering bounty, fruits, and preserving.  Tree wisdom – seasonal transformations, coloring, and releasing.  Lighten up; New will be coming. Ah… it’s that trusting that New and better will be coming…..
I am grateful for years on a farm in Wisconsin and its natural flow of seasons.  Part of my soul wisdom…roots in deep.
I am grateful for goddesses who provide inspiration and support to my spirit and life, making a living and following the muse:  Nancy Nicholas is an earth goddess and  intuitive life coach, spiritual writer, and author, whose gift and presence and words uplift and guide and shed light on this lightworker path I walk.  I  have loved and grown from this woman’s Sanctuary Soul Friends Community, monthly empowerment calls and everything else of hers I’ve experienced.
Another shining goddess of inspiration is Goddess Leoni, a Biz goddess of Fun, Creative,  Playful Motivation extraordinaire.   When I came across her, I loved what I read, saw, heard.  She’s a heart,  biz and spirit goddess–only she’s a lot more colorful and artsy creative than I had ever imagined being.  She and her fun and biz-savy style remind me that the corporate model I came out of can be Re-Imagined and Played With  to Feed the Spirit and Be Successful and Happy goddesses following and doing what delights our heart.  There ARE other goddesses doing that — and if there’s one, there can be MORE.  The BIG LESSON:  We must be TRUE to OURSELVES, and our OWN STYLE and Callings.  And there’s no fudging room on this!   We can use inspiration from another and ADD our pieces to it; we just cannot be them.
Every one of us is uniquely and incredibly and specifically gifted and different and needed.  I am grateful for soul sisters I find myself in the company of along the way.  So blessed.
Tonight’s 2nd Thursday Muse and Magnificence conversation–from another sister goddess–is about Dragonfly Medicine and Roars of Awakening –when we discover that who and what we were led to believe about ourselves, was not all there was.
Sometimes powerful events are catalysts of Re-Imagining and Self-discovery and another adventure.
I plug in to other goddesses because their gifts inspire me and energize me–AND they hold a mirror up for me to SEE more clearly WHO I Am!  And that, of course, leads me even more Excitedly into my own creating, growing, self-discovery and soul work.  We are SO NOT Alone in this Journey of Living and Growing our greatness!
Thank you for being in this with me.  YOU matter.  Yes!  – Anne
PS.  Goddesses who’d like to be part tonight’s Dragonfly Medicine and Awakenings conference call it’s at 8 pm Central; Call-in number is:  712-432-0075 Access Code: 510126.  More

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  1. Hi Anne,
    I just got home from work :/
    I just looked at your email.
    I am so sorry about this.
    Let’s schedule it again and next time if you could call me prior, it would really help.
    EPIC has scrambled all of our brains at Ommani.
    Again, I so apologize.
    Kalpana (Rose) M. Kumar M.D.
    “Becoming Real: Harnessing the Power of Menopause for Health and Success”
    CEO and Medical Director:
    The Ommani Center for Integrative Medicine

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