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Life … this one.  Make it Fun and Make it Count…!  It’s good for our health, our heart and soul; and certainly for our energy, enthusiasm, and happiness!
So what’s stopping you from going for it?   What’s stopping us?Goddesses never age
Sure, somebody’s going to poo-poo that idea.  Many have a habit of complaining.  For some reason, they are also not celebrating or encouraging someone–a colleague, family member, friend, neighbor–who is smiling, full of energy and dreams, happy; Living life like they’re playing at creating it…and believing that anything is possible.
Comments like, ‘Get real.’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’ or other blockers come out of poo-pooing mouths.  And then there’s our marketing and media people who surround us with fears and scary things …  They think it sells more; I think it’s leading more of us to tune out (use our mute buttons and off switches) and tap in elsewhere that resonates better energy.
Our response?  Your response?  Mine?
Choose which life you want to live.…align your intentions, expectations, and beliefs with that life and those dreams!   And your actions.  Find supporting others who feed your spirit…and you, theirs:
Partner with a life coach.  And join me and other greatness-growing goddesses for Goddess Never Age, a personal renaissance series for women aligned with intentions of Making this life fun and Making a difference, and living well.  Goddesses Never Age starts September 22.  It’s a total wellness — spirit, mind, body, purpose — adventure into our self, our bodies, and into our be-ing-ness as women.
As a BONUS, I’m including a ‘Making Life Count’ workshop ($75 value) with it FREE…  Register / details here or call me.  (Best Value:  Community member goddesses get all of this included with their membership. $11 / $33 / $99, or $108)
We find what we’re looking for.   We get what we expect...and often beyond our wildest dreams.  Ask and it is given.  (great teachers across time and cultures, and lots of life experiences and stories…)
Choose which life you want to live!  Let’s choose joyously …. together…  – Anne 🙂
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