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Nothing can cure the soul but the senses, just as nothing can cure the senses but the soul.  – Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray

Good morning, goddess,
Pleasure is our focus this week  on our Goddess Never Age call.   Women are not often encouraged to speak boldly of pleasure, much less appreciate such earthiness as a powerful, vital element in our vibrant living, creativity, and passion …  This week* explores all of that.
One of my pleasures in this series is being with and sharing with goddesses Kathy and Michelle.  We have coast-to-coast represented, and what delightful connecting and conversing!  Yes, we welcome other goddesses to call in and join us.  Second-half living has such depth, wisdom and richness to share.
*MONDAY evening call October 5:  Also, ur “Goddesses Never Age” Conference Call Group will be on MONDAY Evening, (8:05 PM Central), instead of Tuesday, for this one.
Tap in, join, explore the power of pleasure to total health, wellness, and happiness… the art and soul of living well in our time.  … and a positively good read.

OCTOBER SPECIAL – My Love-Your-Life Lessons and Life-Wisdom from the WonderSpirit Collection resources will be INCLUDED with all new Everyday Goddess Community memberships. in addition to regular benefits…including Tuesday night Conference Call reading group.  Women need other women …inspiring, empowering, relating, growing.
In other words, if you like what you see here, now is a really good time to join and tap in.  Grow, celebrate being a feminine spirit, a goddess, finding her voice and courage, changing and becoming more clear, called, confident, a second-half wise woman.  These are good.

In some Native American tribes, it was a counsel of wisewomen whose role was to advise tribal leaders before action was taken.  Their gift was vision–to see seven generations back, and seven generations forward….
Wisewomen sisters, our vision and voices — our words and art, our presence and influence, our deep love and compassion — are being called forward…  Every single one of us makes a difference.

Have a beautiful week, everyone.  Looking forward to meeting on Monday night’s call!  – Anne

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