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Hello goddesses,
I am hosting a Halloween evening About the Afterlife next week Thursday, October 30.  Halloween is ‘All Hallows Eve‘ and the ‘veil between worlds’ is said to be thinnest.  In the catholic church of my childhood, we celebrated All Saints Day and All Souls Day.  It’s a sacred time of year.Cover 1
Death touches all of us … and our culture teaches us to fear it.  Why do we do everything possible to postpone our exit?  It’s some very deep and personal soul work.
Some deaths touch us deeply…like my sister’s touched mine…and we see living through a different lens.  Still, we want reassurance our loved ones are okay ‘on the other side.’158_Susan_Hodges
Last week Tuesday, October 14,  Vivian’s book Death by Roses became available, a romantic-comedy story about the afterlife given to her six months after her sister’s death…one that affected her deeply.  On Thursday, October 17, beautiful Kindred Spirit Center sister Susan Hodges made her transition.  And tomorrow, October 22, there’s Mike Dooley’s book, Top Ten Things Dead People Want to Tell You.  And so many more…  top_ten_things_dead_people_want_to_tell_you_coverIt’s a season of letting go.
For those touched by death, for those asking different questions about the meaning and purpose of living… going deeper, for those who want to talk about some of these soulful matters, I welcome you to a Kindred Spirit Center sacred circle sanctuary about the afterlife.  From a spiritual, scriptural, and personal perspective, this circle is open…  Share something from a book, a life, a soul search, or collect hugs and soak in this moment.  Save the date now… Thursday, October 30, 6:30 – 8:30 pm at Kindred Spirit Center, Waukesha.  – Anne

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  1. Hi Anne, I’m going to try to come for this. My closing is that day so I should be able to be free by night time. Looking forward to FREEDOM!!! Hugs, Kathy P.S. If there are more posters to put up I can try to do some then.

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