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Hello Goddesses!
This month’s 2nd Thursday Muse and Magnificence-Growing call is January 9 at 8 PM Central…
Our topic is VISION BOARD SHARING.  Meaning you get to create one BEFORE THEN to share. I’m excited!  There’s good energy in this new year already.  After all, it started with a New Moon!
How to Create a Vision Board2013-12-11 17.28.25
As you know, I always like options… So here are a few:
Playful-Intuitive or Deliberate-Intentional?  
Low tech or High Tech?
I like the Playful-Intuitive approach…and enjoy the Low-tech, physical hands-on way of spreading out an array of magazines and seeing what draws me, cutting out pictures and words just because, and then somehow arranging them on an 11 x 14 poster board–or bigger.  Standard sizes lend themselves to framing and displaying easier.
There’s also a more Deliberate-Intentional approach where one has a list of what they desire to attract into their life this year–experiences, abundance, travel, toys, time, someone special…whatever–and then they search for those specific things or words or metaphors.
Low-tech or high-tech is an option here too:  Spread out the magazines, search, cut, and paste; or go to one’s computer, search, cut and paste.
High-Tech Online Vision Board Creating
Yes, we live in an amazing time–that one can go to the computer (or phone) and have so much art, beauty, creativity at one’s fingertips.  There are sites one can go to and create a Virtual Vision Board.  The article linked names three.  I’m sure there are others.  And there’s always a simple copy-and-paste into a Word doc method, as well.
Whatever method works for you is a good one!  Just have fun and create your 2014 Vision Board.
Then, join the call January 9, and tell us about it!  Creating is only half the process; the TELLING / SHARING with your goddess sisters is where more of the magic happens.   (Reminder emails for members will be coming shortly.)
Participation is FREE for members; $5 for guests.  Call-in details provided when you register.
Happy creating! – Anne