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Hello goddesses!
Hope all of you are enjoying the lush beauty and fragrances of this season.  I love the scent of lilacs on a morning walk, trees in full bloom, colorful tulips, trees and grass greening out, birds, bunnies, squirrels–evespring tree 2015rything coming to life.  Spring is Nature’s reminder each year that change is normal; and beautiful and wonderful things come from it.  It’s a creative time in full bloom!  My energy is feeling like that too.  Good stuff I’m excited to share.
May 15, 1-3 pm / 3rd Friday Technology Share at Kindred Spirit Center.  A tech project you’re working on?  Blog to write? Newsletter to create?  Excel spreadsheet to set up?  Web site to build?  Bring your laptop; and let’s get ’em going together… These are free to Community Members / $20 for non-members.  RSVP recommended.  Looking ahead, next ones are June 19, July 17, and August 14.
May 23, 10 am -Noon* / Fabulous 4th Friday Biz Goddess Resource Sharing at Kindred Spirit Center.   4th Fridays are Goddess Leoni / Shiny New Year monthly review, planning, sharing, and creative collaborating meetups.  She is a colorful artist and blends spirit, biz, art, and inspiration in all she does.  I love her creative entrepreneurship resources.  Several others around here use them also, and connecting helps all of us be inspired and stay on track.  You can purchase her materials here.   4th Friday Biz Goddess sharings are free to Community Members / $20 for non-members.  RSVP recommended.  Looking ahead, next ones are June 26, July 24, August 28.
June 22 – July 27 (Mondays), 10 am – Noon / Summer Beach Group at Pewaukee Beach.  A book and a beach are backdrops to spirit-feeding women and deep conversations.  There’s no agenda except a reading schedule and allowing words to flow.  This year’s book / topic is Traveling at the Speed of Love… a little different than past years, this is a ‘life skills for living in changing times’ book.  And it uses travel terms as memorable metaphors for self-care, safe travels, trusting our instincts, releasing what doesn’t belong to us.  The author is a woman of spirit and lightworker who lives in Chicago.  My hope is to draw wise women of past summers, and those who look to them as mentors.  Summer Beach Group Series is free to Community Members / $60 for non-members.  Purchase book, printable schedule, and beach details here.
Watch for my Auntie Claus Spirit and Self-Esteem Week for Women and Girls coming in August.  Tentative dates are August 10-14.   More soon!
My forthcoming book, Relationship Rules of a Happy Woman: Never Let Anyone Blow Out Your Light, is active again and wants to be finished.  I’m loving and delighted at what’s coming out…and then of course, more wants to be written.  It’s fun, and so many young and seasoned women will benefit from it.  In the meantime, my happy relationships materials pack now includes a special advance-copy excerpt and a 50-Question Keeper List that all by itself is so helpful to sorting out a relationship you’re in.
Which brings us to my new WonderSpirit tagline, Life Academy of Women’s Wisdom and Self-Esteem.  Fits, doesn’t it?  And says so much…  Life skills to grow our greatness, goddesses.  And like the Spring, we are coming to life and beautiful things are showing up.
One more thing,  there’s a $20 coupon in my Puzzle Pieces post I shared last week, good through the end of May, for private-sessions with me.
Enjoy your day, everyone.  Love and beautiful blessings.  – Anne

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