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Hello goddesses!
I’ve been enjoying this summer… beautiful weather, nature walks, water, reading, writing; breathing deeply, noticing what I love,  who I love being with, when my heart is happy, when I’m feeling free and blessed and fully being who I am here to be.
2015 has shifting-sands energy with it…a sense of importance, that Now Matters; an opening awareness into anything-is-possible times. And there’s a pull to live more mindfully and meaningfully, to go for the joy of one’s heart–and also dance somehow with earth-plane stuff of making a living and a life.
With that shifting, and changes (love-based or fear-based…we get to choose) that come with it, another  Traveling at the Speed of LoveBeach Group 2 is starting Fridays in August.  There’s also a very special ‘Interior Design’ for Artful Living Week unfolding in the wings…
I know who I am now and why I’m here.  And I’m excited!

July 20 – July 27 (Mondays), 10 am – Noon / Summer Beach Group I continues.  View schedule.
Aug 7 – Sept 11 (FRIDAYS), 10 am – Noon / Summer Beach Group II  begins.  No agenda; only allowing words and experience to flow freely; opening space for women to meet.  Our inspired reading is Traveling at the Speed of Love…  It uses travel terms as metaphors for self-care, safe travels, intuition, trust, releasing what doesn’t belong to us anymore.  Beach Group Series is $60/ $10 single sessions.  Register by August 5. 
August 10-13 – Afternoons for Artful Living …  Creating a Simpler Spirituality and Life. 
Artful Afternoons
‘Interior Design’ and Creating a Simpler Spirituality and Life Week.
Several things were great catalystsSummer spirit reading, a funeral, a session with my coach…and all those ‘random’ synchronicities of people, conversations, inspiration, life… came together…
The funeral of a friend’s mother…It was not uplifting or celebrating of an accomplished, good woman’s life… So guilt and sin-focused…  And this is healing counsel to family and loved ones?  It was hard to stay.  I had been reading The Afterlife of Billy Fingers… and it was the day following a  last-hug anniversary …
The Afterlife … our beliefs about it, about death, about life, our worth, worthiness, value, goodness, even greatness –or lack of it… all of that is shaped by messages we heard as children, and maybe still as adults.  We live out of those core messages and beliefs.  Based on Love? or Fear?
Are we powerful, empowered, trusted beings? or are we weak, guilty, worthless, and unworthy?  Do we live in Joy? confident that there is divine order and we are perfectly placed?  Do we–are we allowed to–like and love who we are?  Those are everyday-spiritual life lenses.  We tell ourselves stories and interpret our world  from those views.
To those who are happy where you are; good, it’s working for you.  You’re growing in a direction that feels good to you.  To those who can’t  fit where they once did, and feel drawn to talk about it and try on other lenses, I’m here.
Welcome to Afternoons for Artful Living too Register by August 5.

Sept 18, 1-3 pm / 3rd Friday Technology Share.  We are soul- and heart-centered, and know there are ways to make a living and a life, authentically being who we are.   3rd Fridays are business-project days–to be in a physical space together and help one another grow their business.  Networking, technology, creative project time.  Included / Free to Community Members / $30 non-member private sessions.  2-day advance RSVP required.  I love these Friday afternoons.  (No 3rd Friday Tech Share in August).
Love and beautiful summer-spirit blessings.  – Anne